Alec Baldwin is now running from Trump because Trump has his claws in him for shooting the cinematographer with a prop gun on his new studio movie.  The actors that flock to the independent films will now have another billet to act in since Alec Baldwin will now be going to jail.  But Half Dead Fred the Romantic Comedy with a spin of a horror movie to it, will be asking billy LAx to direct the sequel in the next year since Cannes Film Festival will be the next big marketing effort put out for the director and actors of this small film that should make a huge impact on the producers revenue.  The theaters will be happy for the fans that will frequent their institutes.  But the film fans will be the next generation of moviegoers and they will buy the concessions which are what make all the money for the cinema owners.  Star Trek will be in the theaters soon and will star Captain Kirk as he goes to the planet of half black and half white race.  Mark Harmon will be available to be the next oo7 James Bond as he has quit NCIS the original series.  But the coach potatoes who sit around their mother’s basement and watch reruns of NCIS Los Angeles will not be happy to see their beloved Tony and Tim without LeRoy  Jethro Gibbs.  Flicks by Espresso will start logical pyramid 5 construction to build its independent films SEO position within google.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an example of a studio films in which the production, distribution and finance are all part of one corporate entity.   It has a lot of competition from keywords like indie movies. It is an incredible feat that we here at Espresso Films led by Max TEE second-time film director will make hay of great flicks like to kill a parakeet.  billy LAx will now approve a standard productions that will go all the way through to the top including CC bel who is creating his own art-house. We are headed for a rainy day and a great day to spend inside watching the TV shows that made America great. If we go downtown today and take my sister to her drama class at South West Missouri State, we will get back in time to see Gomer Pyle rerun.  My collection of indie films is huge.  It spans my bedroom from Cannes International independent films. We can have no other entertainment in my house except watching the most incredible television in evolution from regular analog to HDTV. billy LAx wrecking crew of stage lighting  will entertain our grievous hearts with their antics. Most of CCbel’s love interests centers on his fascination for Meg Ryan and Angela Jolie  Midnight in Seattle. Maxx TEE’s creative and love interests are not existent us of his debut putting in one category his new idea to tell a story of One Robin Croaking. This is about a chicken singing to a Robin in the middle of the woods. Maxx TEE must get a location scout to find the perfect production stage.  However, to test the top  twenty five technologies that we have reported on in this website’s film editorial section, we must first enlist the experts of age old feature pictures that can tell us exactly what it use to be like in the old days to be a film director or possibly even more of a test, is a cinematographer.  Today we have video editors which are a whole different breed bringing mind blowing technology to the forefront of the movie field.  So the future is bright for drama school students wanting a career in independent films.  They will test the waters and find out that the temperature of the entertainment business is fine.  The actresses are in their swim suits and they are inviting Maxx TEE to come in with them.  CC bel has a girlfriend, Cherry, and he cannot go into the water with a leading lady.  But that is okay, billy LAx has his back offering to do his casting for him.