Large studio movies love Reese Witherspoon as she is an a list actor and a very good one at that with a skilled method acting as her mode of operation.  But in the long run, it is the small and beginning actresses that are impressive and making the indie film business special and exciting.  When Bozo the clown can star in one of the low budget flicks, we know that the directors are truly independent from the studios and the Hollywood Heavyweights.  But when NCIS Los Angeles takes over as the very best of the NCIS shows because the main stars, LeRoy Jethro Gibbs and Tony and Ducky are all gone, we will be in a much better position to judge what is going on.  billy LAx will then decide he wants to film invest into Two dogs and a cat two hour feature starring Tony Bennet and Frank Sinatra.  The Espresso Films bloggers will go crazy with the messaging they can send over that movie.  Shallow writers such as Maxx TEE will not be able to grasp the complexity of the photo shoot of the actress Cherry Bel who will be starring next to Ben Affleck in the movie billy LAx is directing.  New feature films such as the magazine is an indie film created by john’s production company. This entity creates the best of the best product in the world which entertains the masses for hours at a time each week. Why are john’s creations are the most exciting inventions in the entertainment business? Because they are super great to watch and  they make you want to love everyone in the world, if you see the right choice of art.  Because John is a monster in the corporate world, especially in cinematography, we are rapidly trying to get the funding for his project to move into escrow. We are looking at go fund me, which is the most promising to get seed, but we must develop the page yet. Production seed money is difficult to find but through CC bel we are in progress of completing a successful boiler room campaign to get 2 million dollars for the independent film production alone.  This will put 1.5 million in the male lead’s pocket including his talent agent and .5 million in the director and screenwriter’s pocket.  No money goes to the producer until the second rolldown payment. Action movies are great to do with big studio backing, but they are a bit hard to make on the low budget art-house level. That is because of the huge resources required to make cars turn over while on fire, or buildings to flood or elevator shafts to blow up.  When we get to the point where we have to put actors into an action flick, then we can pick from one of the self described tough guys like Sylvester Stallone.   He does great in these types of stories where if you try putting in a great performer on stage, he might just flop because the chemistry is not there. The audience expects something from one of their action hero’s that the really good actor may not have.  So if we go to maybe a love story, then we can go to another type of character like a Tom Hanks who can make the women in the audience fall in love.  That is what it is about, making your fan base feel.  They need to remember those scenes and the character’s dialog that goes with the scenes.  How you say things, rather you use emotion or not, makes a big difference in how a character comes across to his audience.  Many indie film actors can cry on que.  That kind of emotion is vital in having a scene come together.  We have been following James Bond for fifty years and now its time for another epic cinematic creation A time to die.  Wow,, one of the longest running sequels of 25 episodes that any Hollywood block buster has ever done.  Can you imagine all the actors that have had the honor to play James Bond.  That concept is simply amazing and they are not all from Hollywood.  Actually the two biggest male leads, Shawn Connery being one came from the UK. Here’s a concept, how about an indie film screenplay written for James Bond?  The cinematographers would have to use a lot of wide angle shots and the camera types would mean a whole lot, especially to the lighting professionals and the gaffers who would be in control of the lights on the location shots.  But when Big Girls don’t cry song comes on, we can imagine a movie scene set for that awesome music by an international recording artist.  Our world-class filmmakers here at Espresso Films would do better than the studio greats in making the music score as we have the most gifted talent in the world relating the the best theater on the world stage.  In the end, our guys and girls will act in YouTube videos and make money on the social media monetized networks while they wait for the film gig that may or may not ever happen.  We do not care as it all pays the bills and our bloggers are more happy than many of the Hollywood Stars like Robin Williams who committed suicide.  But if dragons came to town, the independent movies would be better for it giving charm to each animated character and gladness in heart to each leading lady.