Reese Witherspoon, the a lister is going to star in billy LAx  next movie two dogs and a cat with Ben Affleck as a costar  Alec Baldwin just shot his costar Cherry bel who was a leading lady in most of the independent movies Warner bros has financed this year.  But in the end, it is Maxx TEE and his adventures with the soap operas on ABC that will be the show business gossip this week on the Hollywood Reporters list of celebrities to gossip about.  But Half Dead Fred will make its film festival rounds and we will not see the movie until next year at the US box office, to the demise of Espresso Films and their expert bloggers.   Don’t go to NCIS tv studio production set next week because the shows fans are about ready to kill Mark Harmon for quitting and letting Tim and Tony take over.  But most cinematic art is done from Hollywood. Movie Theater postings is a big part of the entertainment business, and it is the hardest technique to do. It takes more businesspeople to do Showtime and HBO and Warner Bros, and Cinema Directors to do this end of the business. One notable site with lots of bad DVDs is A good Family Video and can get the buzz out and that is what a wise filmmaker is looking for.  If a motion picture is not able to get a Theater Release and it is having a high enough TV budget, it might be in trouble as far as getting the investors profits to him.   In the scope of things related to the independent movies, we crave for excellence in theatrical performance.  Our television shows which have high caliber video editing combined with VFX and CGI will pause for significant talent until Espresso Films network of TV connections appears on the scene bringing post talent never seen before in the entertainment industry.    Most critiques of the experimental films created in Europe will be deposed at the level of resources available in Los Angeles.  Also, the producer and the stunt double, and the Actors may not get another shot at making another art-house flick. 

However, Espresso Films Editorials and movie blog is going straight to the top of the writer’s choice of sources.  In the community of Robert Redford at Sundance in Utah, we know that the issue of getting a showcase there is not how much that stunt double wants it but how much the male lead can get the gaffer and John Travolta to react to the end result of watching his own Pulp Fiction picture.  At the American Film Market, we wise up at the no name talent that is roaming the scene trying to get their pictures taken with a list talent.  As a division of our company, we have set up a Digital Content Studio that can create the massive content, not only for our movie YouTube channel, but the social media needs led by CC bel and Maxx TEE, two our moviesbyespresso’s own.  billy LAx will be loading up the company computers and CGI VFX equipment and head to Parris in which he will set up shop to attend the French Riviera Film Festival.  We expect the independent movies to be wonderful this year as we plan on marketing a couple of them.  The content providers for the website will be in full gear, trying to create animation assets for our up and coming movies website.  The R&B stars will be giving the creative artists a run for their money this year as Ice Tea competes for the Grammy Awards.  The documentary that we expect to win it all at the New York Film Festival is Pauli.