Hollywood filmmakers are extremely creative people. Especially low budget indie movie flicks want to be. They all struggle in the cruel Hollywood corporate business, and some do not make it. Most young kids do not make it. These efforts are all trying to get managers and agents, but most don’t. If you are happy with what you are doing on Melrose, then you should keep working in that coffee shop and just serve the entertainment executives that come in for coffee and an independent movie.  Don’t try to pitch your head shot to them. They create guerrilla movies as their normal beginning out of drama school. These flicks are story-driven and are normally experimental  that thrive in festivals.   Anymore, the cinematographers that are video editors can be called art-house. Television professionals from every part of show business can participate in with our network. Espresso films represent bloggers from every state, but most of our signups are from Los Angeles. We provide movie makers with business connections and exposure or promotional activities. A entertainment industry connection is extremely valuable to them. We come across struggling young people who are thriving just barely in Los Angeles all the time.  We are sad for them and try to help them with our inside the independent film business website.

Espresso Films Managing Director and its member’s network manager is billy LAx was a screenplay writer from the 90s who had a vision using the internet and now has circled around to co-creator of espresso films, networking Hollywood filmmakers to better enhance their business. billy LAx has two filmmakers working for him as digital marketers, CC bel and Maxx TEE.  As a master of the industry, billy LAx has written many of a screenplay and mentored multitudes of young drama students achieve their goals in the hard core industry.   Independent films are what the Espresso Films filmmaker blog is about.    Both are highly capable filmmakers and directors. Oh, the movies. Popcorn and a large drink and a good flick. Filmmakers create a wonderous pastime for the American movie crowd. Filmmakers have been responsible for all our beloved movie stars. The movie directors, the cinematographers, the makeup artists, the gaffers, all the filmmakers, created all these great flicks. Now it’s time for the new generation, for all the great film schools like The American Film School, UCLA school of film, and USC school of film, to step forth with their novel movie ideas to entertain America’s film crowd. Guerrilla film makers are especially worthy of our applause. They believe in what they are doing, that cinematographic idea that bounces in their little movie heads, that brings their cinematic idea to a vision for their believing audience. CC bel from Espresso Films and Maxx TEE will be those incredible cinematographers. We are forever grateful to our low-budget creators for getting those special credit card films produced. They are truly awesome. And sometimes those little flicks make money.

Movies made on a micro-budget can be cool. Why? Because they are storyline-driven. The actors, although they may not have marquee names, are very good character actors. Movie actors are the hardest part of the moviemakers’ very low but realistic credit card financed independent film package. Even if you know a movie star, and he agrees to work with you, his manager and agent seem to have more control over what he does, than what he has. There are some great independent films created in the recent past. Sling Blade with Billy Bob Thornton was one. Rocky was another where male lead Sylvester Stallone wrote, directed, and starred in one of the lowest budget biggest success movie stores ever. Then there was the film Midnight Express made back in the 70s where some filmmaker got his hands on a screenplay made to be a box office success. Midnight Express was a movie made about a guy who got caught in a Turkey prison for drugs. It was a thriller story. Speaking of horror films, many a director as made his marquee name off creating goon movies to scare everyone half to death. You must have a different mindset to direct these babies. The promotion of these flicks is a real marketing art. The guys need their Horror promoted at New York festivals and markets to minimize the efforts of the actors.  As well as the distribution money. Then there was Jaws made back in the 80s about a Great White shark that set on a killing spree. This box office smash was one of the box office hits of its time. Then there was Love Story. What a great movie some quirky independent movie maker lucky enough to direct and produce. Billy LAx will direct a phenom next year. CC bel will direct a low-budget shoot in two years. And  Maxx TEE will lead the shooting of his sometime in three years. We at Espresso films are proud of our young digital marketers and will supply our actors, directors, and producers as well as the below-the-line production staff to bring the movies in on time. It is important to have competent professionals to create quality production. You can have the best screenplay, written by a marquee writer, and the movie will be a bust.

 The independent movie production team must also work together. The director must work with the cinematographer, sometimes called the director of photography, who needs to work with the lighting and gaffer, the director also must work with the actors.  Well, sometimes there is an acceptance of the rule. When the production team is in harmony with each other, the producer has a much better production quality. Higher quality means better Film Festival rankings and more money and fame for the  movie investor.  The producers know this and they node by the top filmmakers that do it the right time, every time, and place their films in the film festivals and independent film markets and win film awards.