Reese Witherspoon is an instant hit in Monroe  Michigan next to the production set of Half Dead Fred.  When we go to Flint, where the gothic house is that Half Dead Fred Independent film is shot, we find the director and the cinematographer in a Starbucks talking to the cast of the film.  It is a Horror film and will be distributed to all the normal  US venues plus the international film sales that goes on in the American Film Market in Santa Monica California in November of each year.  It will also go to Cannes International film festival in France where it will most likely be in the slate of movies awarded.  The desperate pleas of NCIS fans after Mark Harmon left the CBS  hit TV show is growing madly amongst the TV fans.  There are moviegoers who stay home Saturday night to see Jethro LeRoy Gibbs save the world with Tim and Tony on NCIS and there is in the works, an NCIS movie coming out.  Alec Baldwin just shot the cinematographer on his film set and it looks pretty bad for him.  Trump just said he did it on purpose and Alec Baldwin was a sick guy.  Steven Baldwin agrees with Trump as the two show business brothers are on polar opposites.  Maybe it is an African production set. We at Espresso films have a vast entertainment business network and can usually find it. There are some big-budget independent film businesses that need antique cars to design their production sets with. We will find its acclaim no matter what independent film festival it is showcased in. It will be promoted by the best website in the world. We need to be abreast of the love of our company‚Äôs moviemakers. That promotion and exposure are vital to the corporate needs of all of the website’s members who are film bloggers. They write on Swing Blade and Rocky and all kinds of scripts which do not get made into that dream. Do not miss out on a fine adventure, date a Los Angeles girl you meet online will give you.  She will grace the theater screens in Burbank California. This is an addendum to what I previously wrote about  for the Indie movie website’s pyramid 6.   billy LAx is our commander and chief and extraordinary leader of the right-wing fanatic story teller. He is massively important to his pee on Maxx TEE and his lower-than-life worker CC bel. Actually, billy puts them on pedestals, and I do not know why since they are junior bloggers and only just beginning their careers in Digital Marketing. They both vomit all over the below the line staff. We appreciate billy LAx though as he is the king of the country.  In the deep down inter city of Los Angeles you will find the cinema crowd from the weird to the country stars.  It is filled with casting directors looking for just that right face.  The one that glows and makes hearts beat a little faster.  A look for the ages that comes along once in a generation, like Brad Pit.  Girls will fall in love with a leading man like that.  Can you imagine having Tom Cruise as a room mate before he made it to super stardom?  But the foreign art-house independent film fans will witness the truth about the likes of old Western John Wayne type TV shows.  They are made only for rednecks from Missouri.  The day  will come in New York that they will be crying for movies like Tombstone with Jeff Bridges and that German actor who speaks great English.  They should do a sequel on Tombstone, maybe Wyatt Earp goes to San Diego and starts a restaurant and hotel which is still standing in the Gas Lamp district.  San Diego has a lot of the yuppie, conservative movie maker crowd that needs to escape the creeps in Hollywood.  So you will see the camera men running around the town making their shorts to sell at the American Film Market.