Ben Affleck is the star of the show and has made tons of movies on how to love actresses in a movie shoot.  Sons of Buford was a movie made back in the sixties with Charlton Heston, right after he made Moses which was a huge block buster.  But the indie movie world rocked when we have created a huge production scene in Hemlock Michigan for two dogs and a car, which is billy LAx’s new financed screenplay.  He was the writer and he will be the director and starring  in it will be CC bel’s girlfriend Cherry who will be the female lead.  It is set on the back of Maxx TEE’s pet dog who will be on stage with Maxx TEE this week at the Pasadena Playhouse near Colorado Blvd.  But since Alec Baldwin shot the cinematographer in his new studio movie, things have went south for the actor.  Donald Trump says he did it on purpose, paybacks for Saturday Night live skits.  Half Dead Fred is a horror film that will scare you to death and is starring CC bel of Espresso Films.  The show will be a block buster and is being produced in a Gothic house in Flint Michigan.   The indie movies that hire directors like Maxx TEE will never have it so good with actors like CC bel.  billy LAx has found both of them and has financed their careers.  But moviegoers everywhere know about them and love them.  But Reese Witherspoon is the actress that can make these film festival assets get awarded by the Cannes International film festival year after year.  The slate of movies coming from the output has billy LAx’s two dogs and a cat film.  But international film marketing efforts on two dogs and a cat has gone to the high priced Hollywood Studios like MGM.  When Walt Disney made his family movies in the fifties, he did not have this distribution problem.  Lots of what Walt Disney did went on TV.  But in todays world of post COVId movie distribution, much of it is done via digital media.  This is our moviesbyespresso silo 5 we are SEO’ing right now.  I was watching the movie called the Gangs of New York with that Daniel whatever his name is.  Wow!  What a great movie.  We had our eyelids glued open with amazement on the characterization of the film.  It really left you with a much  better understanding of the reality of our country in the 1800s.  Lots of other stuff happened in this country that made great theater and Kevin Costner is the main who picked up on that. Field of Dreams is an example of simply incredible.  Baseball has long been a great sport to get characters for story tellers to get lost into. 

There has been a couple of good football films to.  Crazy Legs Hersch was one of those stories that would not die.  Gale Sayers and Brian what’s his name made a great made for TV series that kept the fans home from the silver screen to watch the indie movie network programming.  Also, the movie about Ali with Will Smith playing him was great.  Could you ask for a better sports figure played by a better movie maker?  Then there was the US Hockey team when they won the 74 Olympics making the whole of the United States cry and making the cinema happy at the ticket sales from the movie.  So, we have completed another amazing year in sports with Tampa Bay winning the super bowl.  Who is the lucky leading man that will play Tom Brady.  billy LAx has given a thumbs  up to the new studio release Two dogs and a cat which Bill star Ben Affleck.  Jay lo’s ex husband who they are back together again after Jay lo blue off the Yankee outfielder.  The characterization in the different acting methodologies is an amazing change of course from one style of actor to another.  We do not appreciate enough how much goes into each scene until you see the hours of effort and work that goes into creating each character at the different workshops all the way through West Hollywood where there is one want to be after another crying real tears on que in effort to get that leading lady part in the indie movie her boyfriend is producing but wants to give it to another actress with more talent.  I would not take that if I were her father and her boyfriend was chasing other movie director’s sisters who thought they had the talent to be Hollywood stars but in effect, have no talent at all.