In this town of Springfield Missouri we have a nice population of 150,000 people and no one likes to see the latest Terrain independent movie masterpiece on Saturday night.  Why we do not have any theaters is only a good guess but we don’t.  You can go to Branson and see a show and that is the best you can do.  But a stage play with singing is not much of a young person’s love for entertainment and certainly no place a 16 year old is going to take is young romance.   But a drive to Branson is not that bad, 35 miles, if you would like to see Dolly Pardon’s rodeo show.  Or maybe the Andy Williams stage production. In any event, filmmakers have it rough in this territory of the world, which is why Brad Pit, who graduated from Kickapoo high school, went to Los Angeles to make it big.  We also have Dan Goodman here and Julia Turner too.  Chester, who played Matt’s sidekick in Gun smoke is also from Springfield.  Let’s not forget Don Johnson who came from an area just outside of Springfield.  So we do have talent in our town and could even make a independent movie from who we have.  Don’t count us out just yet in the world stage of entertainment.  Let us compare with Midland Michigan who has Jerry Lewis’s wife’s parents and Springfield looks pretty good.  So go to the cinema and get a great story teller to find your genre.  Then you can also go to St Louis and explore the drama school at University  of Washington where some great actress lovers had attended.  Ben Affleck is the worlds most coveted a list super star coming from the great state of Massachusetts and next to Boston College in Brookline.  The typical South Boston accent that Ben Affleck fakes is an awesome voice posture that the Hollywood leading man has.  The production sets he works on are the best ones in the Hollywood industry as they have the best production set designers in the world.  The love of the cinema is what keeps the male lead in robust movement to the end game of mega-budget movies and the love of Jay lo is what keeps him musically inclined as she is an international rap artist.  The thought of Danzel Washington costarring with him is scary.  The above the line budget would blow the socks off the executive producers and the independent movie that the would create would sell for more money in France than any art-house film could bring in at the American Film Market which is in November of this year.  Danzel Washing would be the lead man and then Ben Affleck would be a second in that horror movie on the production set.