LeRoy Jethro Gibbs  the lead man of the NCIS hit CBS tv show played by Mark Harmon has just quit the show and the TV fans are really angry about it, many not going to watch the series any more.  The network has said Mark Harmon will continue as an executive producer but that does not make them happy.  Addison Ray in a hot bikini’s?  That is what you have on sunset Blvd.  Addison Ray is one of the hottest celebrities in the world and especially in Hollywood.  Today, the massive business promoting independent films is what this amazing female lead is all about.  One Hollywood promotion company has said that they only represent a list actors and they would absolutely represent Addison Ray.  But the rest of the moviegoers will most likely watch Reese Witherspoon in her silver screen adventures with the top rated cinematographers in the business.  But lets not forget Ben Affleck and his amazing movies that he makes with are usually psycho-thrillers such as sixth sense.  Half Dead Fred is another horror flick that is going on in Flint Michigan and will be the cause of many of a night mare with the film fans that are drawn to these horror stories.  billy LAx does not make romance comedies, he only film finances action movies that will sell to the international film distributors.  Movie distribution companies will pick up marquee names such as what Leo brings to the board before the production has started.  Movies by espresso have taken upswing advantage in this ever-perpetuating cyclone of destruction and make its  movie reviews of high priority to the lonesome independent films machine in West Hollywood cinemas. We are now taking resumes at Espresso films for large budget and ethical and tall and fat and smart  directors. The company has been doing tires for trucks for years and will help filmmakers get their automobile oil changes made if they make production locations over them. Twenty or thirty or forty years from now is when the entertainment and documentary 35 mm camera shoots will happen on Christmas and Thanksgiving in the homes of the homeless. TV cameras are normally 16mm. The department of human authority in Joplin Missouri and Mt Vernon Missouri will dominate the shows and arcades of the next generation in Joplin. Debbie Franks, our next scarlet from Kansas City and Burlington will be the female lead in our next expression of the silver screen. The flick will be about monsters coming out of the deepest part of Lake Michigan to attack Little Rock leading man. So when our production set for the independent films production is created and generated by Missouri State University Drama school, we will then present it to the distributors for their involvement in our adventure in making Nixa the next West Hollywood studio production industry from Branson. Maxx TEE is a veteran of war, and he is a Navy SEAL from the ship Charlie Bee which will be the next location of Maxx’s indie movie shoot, black Tea from Boston.  Danzel Washington is the only true a list actor in Hollywood.  We think of others that are good actresses, but as far as someone that is going to sell a movie before the movie is made, if Danzel Washington has put his signature on the dotted line, only he has that kind of marquee value for a studio like Warner Bros to  pick up a production budget and get a studio distribution contract on it.  Then there is Mark Harmon aka Jethro LeRoy Gibbs of NCIS who was a marine in the show and then turned to be a snarly but straight up leader of the highly respected NCIS team.  CBS cable network never had a show that successful as for 19 years, Jethro LeRoy Gibbs held down the TV ratings making the network number one in that timeslot week after week.  So on goes Mark Harmon to the independent films he was born to do and his mother did.  His family was talented as his dad was a football player for Ohio State and Mark Harmon played quarterback for UCLA back in the 70s.  We will miss you on CBS because Tim can not shine a light to you Gibbs.