No Time to Die is the next latest and  greatest James Bond movie.  It is not just a block buster but the price of the Hollywood elite.  It is not an independent film but a mega buster studio flick.  And the Indie movie guide has it rated as one of the best films ever.  House of Screams will be the biggest horror film this year looking for rants and raves from the film critiques over its rather controversial political statements.  The movie director is an avid leftist and he makes sure his right-wing movie fans know it.  House of screams will be one of the most reviewed films of all the red carpet .  And lets not forget the critiques on mom’s movie minute.  But it is getting close to Christmas you know what that means in our Hollywood Holiday spirit, Boyfriends from Christmas past of course with the movie grossing a million dollars.  Our little  children of the field was a huge flick back in the 80s and one of the best horror films ever.  The acting was stupendous and the directing was even better allowing the best independent film ever to be created and distributed to an international film audience.  Does Reese Witherspoon deserve a Children of the Field type of block buster in today’s entertainment world.  Only if Ben Affleck approves of the production by one of the biggest studios in Hollywood.  Down on Sunset, where Manns Chinese theater sets, and the Charlie Chapman mime perfpremiersms, is a bunch of actress want to be that are trying their best to get their head-shots.  But Mark Harmon came to save the day by quitting his day job as one of Hollywood’s leading TV stars in the hit CBS network show, NCIS as LeRoy Jethro Gibbs who is the boss of Tim and Tony.  Half Dead Fred was a huge horror film shot this year and this horror film will make the rounds in the film festivals and be sold at the American Film Market.  billy LAx will assure that all the Movies by Espresso bloggers will write about Half Dead Fred and will promote the film with their excellent digital marketers lead by Maxx TEE.   One major director after another has tried to put together an independent film and failed. It seems the most successful is a young first-time guy with a fire under his knee and spit in his forehead to make a thought-provoking Midnight Express type that lights Hollywood on fire. Well, it is morning in Springfield Missouri, and I will be working on a script that I wrote in the 90s called country love and it is the story about a country and western music artist who is trying to make it big in the music pipefitter union. Love besets john smith. It is a romantic comedy, and I am not good at making romantic comedies so suck it up butter bee.    I am much better at writing treatments about action thrillers. I wrote a suspense thriller called service reaction back in the 90s which was never made in a soup bowl. In the 90s I had a wife who was a Hollywood Actress. She and I put together a film package about a quirky girl who made it big in a company. The name of the show was Sally goes to the top. We had a marquee independent film director attached and a producer with a name attached. We optioned off the screenplay. We created a stage set in Pasadena California in the hills of Altadena.  Then Rodney, the cat that the cops beat, decided he wanted to make a scene and they shut the production down.  But then the Pasadena cops wanted to provide the production company with security so they shot the scenes on Colorado Blvd.  Ben Affleck is the number one mirco-budget moviemaker in North Hollywood.  He is not much  of a name as he has played second fiddle to Matt Damon most of his weak career in sending film runners to the bathroom with accidents when they see his comedy routine.  His girlfriend use to be the Yankees Centerfielder’s squeeze who use to be his squeeze before baseball got involved in his Talent Agency who is the matchmaker for all of them keeping them all happy, thankyou ICM.  Leroy Jethro Gibbs has now just retired to the disappointment to  trillions of CBS fans as they lived for NCIS.  But Tim will be last in line to get his CBS raise as now Tony is gone who would be the boss of the team.  I guess everyone will migrate to NCIS LA where Ice Tea holds the popularity of the independent film crowd.  Cinematographers  love to shoot Ice Tea and the little Heddy woman together in a love scene.  But the SEAL Ice Tea never gets any love scenes with Heddy because he is ugly.  Danzel Washington would change that if he could get his studio film Hollywood star billet back.