At USC drama school in March, Reese Witherspoon showed up with her no name actor husband, William Smith who played next to Sylvester Stallone in one of his looser action movies in the 80s.  In this bad indie film, William Smith played the bad cop and Sylvester Stallone played the good cop as they chased Sean Penn around for two hours with an axe.  Then it was said the drug kingpin from Mexico came into the scene and when he did, NCIS LeRoy Jethro Gibbs showed up.  Rocky, his boss, told him to stay in the CBS studio lunch room, but Mark Harmon would have none of that.  He charged the TV director with a knife and they finally fired him.  Now his fan base is all confused and angry.  But Half Dead Fred is still on the scene and this year, he will be roaming around the Cannes Film Festival trying to get his name out there to the foreign film distributors.  But the movie was shot in Flint Michigan right next to Bay City and if anyone knows the location scouts, they will tell them that Flint makes a great production set.  But Reese Witherspoon will star in Half Dead Fred and so will Ben Affleck who has a habit of divorcing his beautiful girlfriend and letting her go sleep with a Yankee Outfielder.   When we go to the big hole in the middle of Wilshire Blvd called Paramount Studios we will see the best of the indie film casting agents.  Russian scarlets and Kyiv scarlets are the most beautiful women in Eastern Europe and as far as that is concerned, in Nigeria too. Their actor characterization is the very best in Nigeria. When the productions are done in Nigeria and Russia, both of them will go in droves to see each product. Well, this is the end of another SEO document designed to chase film traffic to Espresso Films Editorial and blog site. It has been a long time since the creation of this document. But I only have three more of these SEO documents to create today to meet my goal in creating documents for the entertainment theme today.


I would just like to thank CC bel and Maxx TEE for their great work on putting together, under the watchful eye of billy LAx, their projects. Both have done a bang-up job of finding movie blogs. Each one will have the best of the indie film action adventures come festival time. All fans do not stop your trips to Santa Monica camping grounds until you get to see the latest Kevin Costner and Julia Roberts disaster that they are creating together.  Walking down the boardwalk in Santa Monica you can see the loads of kids from Nebraska that have come to Southern California to make it big as actors.  They are the beautiful crowd and you can bet that some talent agent someplace is going to choice one of them to be the next Brad Pit. Ben Affleck is in the prime of his acting career and has played next to Matt Damon in many of a studio cinema as well as Broadway plays in which Dolly Pardon has had an active role especially in the Dixie Stampede in Branson Missouri. The biggest theater in Branson is the Site and Sound theater which is also in Pennsylvania.  When William Shatner star of Back to the Future with the cool looking gull winged stainless steel car that is on display in Universal Studios, goes into space, it is promoting space travel even though Captain James Kirk has never so much flown in an airplane.  But the long awaited indie film starring William Shatner’s space voyage will be coming out next year about this time with lots of Star Trek fans waiting rather aggressively to see it.  But to Dolly Pardon’s point, Buck Rogers another famous country and western music artist will never lift up his piano in a guarantee for a movie contract with her as the leading lady.