When Mark Harmon abandoned his fans just to run down to south America to be with that chick that was Tony’s girlfriend and use to be actress when she gave up the CBS hit TV show to go and do independent movies, we know that the Hollywood heavyweights would never for give Harmon’s actress mother for letting Jethro Gibbs go do such a thing to his mega TV fans.  Now all those TV watchers are going to have to turn into moviegoers to see Jethro Gibbs in his NCIS made for the silver screen two our motion picture.  Two Dogs and a Cat is billy LAx’s next silver screen showcasing at the Pasadena playhouse theater on Colorado Blvd.  CC bel is going to bring Cherry, his want to be actress lover to see the show and we know that it is better than any Broadway musical could be on Friday night.   Bus slow down, there is Maxx TEE, digital  marketer for moviesbyespresso and he will challenge CC bel for top first time director of a do nothing TV series.  If the investors of an asset like Swing Blade, one of the great independent movies of all time that blew the top off the box office receipts,  makes it big, he can make a lot of money. The film profits are huge. He will be able to take his family, who up to then, has been pretty much impoverished, to the nicest places in Los Angeles. Maybe to a nice restaurant in Pasadena.  We love the challenge of seeing the family participating in the thrill at Pasadena City College when they open the drama school up to those in most need of acting lessons.

He can take his family to the AMC Theaters or one of the smaller silver screens in and around Los Angeles to see his favorite performer and eat concessions like popcorn.  Nothing like having a big box of popcorn and wearing the 3D glasses while watching your favorite Hollywood star.

Developing a great social life is one thing the theaters are good for. We as a family love to see adventure movies and actors like Kevin Costner. We loved the Bodyguard with Whitney Houston. Of course, these are Studio flicks. But the small budget gorilla style indie films produce its fair share of great entertainment too. Do not delay, pick your kids up today and see a friendly family movie. Something that entertains the whole family.  We went to the cinema last night in Holland Michigan and we had a great time with a popcorn fight by the exit.  John Wayne could have not done it better.  When we go to Sunset Blvd on the weekends and watch all the street walkers stroll down the avenue wondering what they will do with their entertainment lives next, what casting call they will answer, we feel bad for them.  But in the end, they will probably head back to Michigan and go to the cinemas and tell people what they could have done or what they could have been in the industry of Tinsel Town.  The only chance they would have had to get into the industry is through the luck driven independent movies industry.  Who they meant and shook hands with has to be on the foreground of what they want to be, below the line professionals were.  Just keep up the efforts and you will make it in the indie movies.  In the cinemas of Japan, they play a lot of Asian flicks usually with lots of fights and action.  China plays a lot of Asian psycho themes.  Danzel Washington is a devote Christian to the surprise of many of us devoted believers.  He is an awesome force in the world of entertainment.  Who did not like the movie about the terrorist on the train and when they called Danzel Washington’s character back into moderate the situation when the professional police guy screwed it up and the bad guy shot the passage.  But in the end, who won?  Maxwell Smart won because he got a studio film made after his CBS TV show.  Now he actually has made the Cable networks.  But do not stress, as Ben Affleck is creating the Hollywood Heavyweight star fame that he has richly deserved after making the theater screens across the US for years.  But Jay lo, his squeeze that use to be Henry Arron’s squeeze, decided the New York Yankees were not of her best interest and came back to independent movies so that she could get back with Ben Affleck and reek terror in the movie producers world of cinema.  Dominating the big screen is not an issue and we will not tolerate the likes of Damzel Washington cutting in on the major directors like del Torro.