Tom Harmon was a university of Michigan wide receiver in the 50s and he married a Hollywood actress and that is where TV show NCIS Mark Harmon who played Jethro Gibbs came from.  Now Mark Harmon has just threw in the towel on his character for NCIS and he will most likely make a great independent movie.  Half Dead Fred is the newest horror movies shot in 2010 and it takes place in Flint Michigan in an old Gothic style house.  The star is none other than CC bel from Espresso films.  And his costar is his girlfriend, actress Cherry bel.  Cherry is a method actor and she can light the stage on fire.  But lets not forget Vic Moral from the 60s TV show Combat in which he was cast as a Sargent in the army.   As will many other television stars, like Dan Goodman, Roseanne’s hubby did and by  the way,  Dan Goodman is from Springfield Missouri, the same place Brad Pitt is from.  But if you want to find a real star, it would be Michael Keaton who played Batman.  What a great studio flick that was and it was marketed world-wide to theaters.  Thousands of screens carried it and the moviegoers from all over the United States and Canada filled up the theaters. Movie distributors got filthy rich from Batman and the international film festivals will forever be thankful for making their awards awesome.   Comedies are a much easier movie to shoot on a low-budget, but as an independent movie, which needs to get foreign sales to usually make a profit, comedy story lines are not produced. So, that leaves the thriller genre which does sell well on the foreign venues. So, what kind of guys usually produce these quirky stories? They are crazy filmmakers.  These eccentric guys will deliver the most entertaining off the wall scripts there are. They often produce artsy stuff and sell to  art-house audiences. Micro-budget plays, sometimes called guerrilla films, are often created by drama school students on their parent’s credit cards, often when they go on vacation and leave the cat to play, or should I say, their young and wild DVD fanatic. These no cost flicks are put together on a shoelace, with lots of production staff working on “I owe you” basis. Also, the above-the-line, normally made up of first-time actors, helps put these little treasures  in motion.  But the independent movie enthusiasm and love is there more than the spoiled studio movies and their high-profiled film directors. These studio movies can take a year to put together, but the smaller guys, once they have their project funded, can be shot in 20 days and the post done in 15 days. Espresso Films blog write about independent movie themes.  Danzel Washington’s first movie was a little small no name flick he made with a bunch of drama school students that he associated with that wanted an actor who was skilled but could not pay him much.  Needless to say, he became Hollywood’s leading man in most of the major studio flicks.  MGM will cast him next to anyone in the talent agency network including everyone that William Morris has.  He will get the international sales to back up his salary any day of the year.   Except not in Russia or the rest of Eastern Europe.  But last week, it was LeRoy Jethro Gibbs turn to shine in the sun as Mark Harmon played in his last rodeo with NCIS in their 19th season.  So sad for the Gibbs fans across the globe as the will miss their beloved Jethro LeRoy Gibbs, but Mark Harmon will take his millions and watch Tim try to fill in his boots. That is a big laugh for CBS and their hit TV show.  So in the world of the independent movie, Mark Harmon might come back as the age old actor he once was when he started as a b movie character back in the 80s after he was done throwing touchdowns for UCLA who lost to Michigan in the Rose bowl in Pasadena where their stadium is.  So when Hogan’s Hero’s plays at the midnight TV reruns, don’t turn it off.