Alec Baldwin just shot a cinematographer on his production set in Santa Fe Mexico with a prop gun and Trump said he did it on purpose.  Alec Baldwin has showed his hatred towards Trump for years on Saturday Night Live and now Trump is paying back the SNL star.  Marvel was a comic animation movie that the kids and adult film fans simply loved.  Right next to Avatar, Marvel was the most watched super hero movie anywhere in the world.  But another independent movie that the world watches all the time is Two Dogs and a Cat, directed by Movies by Espresso billy LAx.  billy is trying hard to get CC bel his digital marketer to let his girlfriend Cherry bel star in the flick, but Cherry is holding out for a studio movie.  She claims to have Hollywood Heavyweights like Tom Hanks interested in starring next to her, but she certainly does not.  Marvel Studios is interested in Cherry and her method acting coach, Brad Pitt.  But he probably will not actually be cast in the same scene as Cherry bel because CC bel will not stand for his actress in a love scene with Brad Pitt.  But electric street orchestra might play the background music in the movie and Espresso films bloggers will write all about it.  Half Dead Fred horror movie will then on the international markets and will be playing next to the theaters where Cherry bel will be sitting by herself sobbing because of the dead romance movie she is watching.  Hogan’s Heroes was a TV show in the 60s and Kill bill was a Television show in the 2000s.  A blast was going home from grade school and watching our network TV shows then doing homework with the drama queen acting her stuff on the movie theater screens.  At our incredible indie movie business, we actuate the eccentric of domestic entertainment. Tomorrow, Tuesday March 14 the next millennium will usher in the best entertainment the world has ever seen and we will headquarter at Time Square in New York City. It’s a hot trojan of an accident in mercy hospital today after all years in The Bronx.  One of our best movie producers died of COVID.  We will miss him until the end of the ages as he brought to us some of the greats like Big Mouth in San Francisco.  His name was CC bel and he worked for us here as Movies by Espresso.  He was in charge of editing our movie editorials.  His wife will step into his position here at the company, picking up a pen, and writing about all the celebrities that she and her husband knew.  That is a lot of really cool actors too.  Her name is Misha and see is absolutely as good of a screenplay writer as he was. The business analysis of NYC is out the window as the Westchester yellow hornets take the field in an effort to shun the stunt doubles and the gaffers and its bad series of lighting mistakes. Likable or not, that is the theme of the next Pasadena city indie movie counsel.  Detrimental to the video and audio sound of the television networks set to run wild and crazy like lunatics trying to be the male lead. Now we watch Clint Eastwood stupid cowboy movies in the dark of the night at the Rose Bowl theater. Incredible, incapacitated the hot chick for the next project will be Meg Ryan. Twenty-one near-miss blast-offs went unsupervised at Warner Bros Studio this week as the wakening of the next business session is going to cyclone out of control,  escalating to a tragic end for the company’s employees. Don’t consider the Ashby Road dynamo of Zig Donovan to be exciting in the miss-step of the creature from the Bullock Creek Sea vomit business.  Ben Affleck is an up and coming acting talent that deserves to be looked at by the talent agencies because he does have a bit of skill.  His acting methodology is without a doubt a different type of characterization.  He starred in one made for TV show called Sea Monsters on the Loose. In which the leading lady was Roseanne.   But Ted Danson from Cheers was not happy with this showing of Ben Affleck as he has a crush on Roseanne too.  Watch out CBS as the ghost riders are coming to town and the indie movie machine will come to a screeching stop.  We need help from Tom Harmon aka LeRoy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS and Tony his sidekick who took another job on CBS with a show that comes on just after NCIS.