In the sixties one TV show hit that everyone loved was Combat starring Vic Moral.  Since then we have had Hogan’s Hero’s as an equally big CBS network show.  But now here we are in 2021 and we have cable TV with 800 channels available to everyone.  Do you think anyone forty years from now is going to remember a hit TV show.  Of course not.  That’s why the independent films business is so important today.  We will remember the movies that show up at the American Film Market that get distributed not only in all the venues in the United States and Canada, but all the theaters across Europe and Asia too.  Steven Baldwin will be really happy to see the movies he stars in from his jail cell after he is convicted of manslaughter for shooting his costar in a movie scene.  Tom Harmon will role over in his grave if he ever sees his son Mark Harmon play in a studio film and have it distributed worldwide.  But we can be excited to see Tim finally take his turn at head of NCIS getting his orders from Rocky.   We in the West Hollywood school of nonsense believe that shooting 35mm film in the singular independent films we are shooting is important to the health of the movie director that has COVID and trying to survive by shooting his indie movie upside down in a barrel. Be a production set if you are in the middle of remodeling your house because any cabin in the woods would make a great production location and a fantastic place to shoot a movie director’s love affair. The heartbeat bill in Laredo Texas and Fort Worth and Arlington and Houston would make a great cinematic creation and should immediately be considered as a top Warner Bros. box office smash as one of the most relevant experimental of 2021. The cinema is the spark plug of what is going on in Missouri with the Mississippi voters’ pleas to count monkey votes for the next creep show that will be showing in Columbia.  Moviesbyespresso will be huge in Mexico and in Brazil this year in an effort to increase and expand and exaggerate the movies in both countries. Put off until tomorrow what is being done today says Maxx TEE our best and most creative and prettiest producer. It is all a matter of head over belly on what you come up with as a storyteller in the world of Maxx TEE digital marketer extraordinaire for Movies by espresso. Deep depression and urgent necessity have sent the independent films entertainment industry and the big studios into a cyclone of never return.   Go to see an art-house at Pasadena Playhouse and we will treat you to an adventure that will spark your love life and make you more powerful than you have ever been by increasing your business connections and your exposure on the internet.  Ben Affleck has been looking over my shoulder here at Espresso Films trying to get a piece of the action as far as entertainment reporting.  He wants us to write and editorial on his break-up with Jay lo but Maxx TEE is bribing him with movie money needs and Ben Affleck is stalling on the wants and needs of him and his production set as he says that he needs to pay the cinematographer.  Danzel Washington is the next need for billy LAx since he is trying to get his number one digital marketer CC bel to cast his girlfriend in the next Danzel Washington studio flick, but Cherry will not cooperate in that she thinks she has a marquee name but who would make a chick named Cherry into a leading lady such that she would have marquee value to a foreign sales distributor?  Not Maxwell Smart from the 60s TV show anyway.  But independent films is a strange industry and you never know where CC bel and Cherry will wind up in the Cannes International film festival circuit with great movies there like Mangrove which was a story about the artsy part of Nigeria.  It was a hit in 2021 and will be on the DVD lists on Red Box.