Family Ties was a nineties TV show on NBC starring the late great Michael Keaton.  Joan London, news caster, was also involved in this series that was extremely successful and got absolutely through the roof TV ratings on all the cable networks.  However, I Dream of Jeanie starring Barbra Eden about an astronaut played by Tony, was even higher in the Nielsen ratings.  One certain independent film, Half Dead Fred is now being produced and will certainly put Flint Michigan on the board because I think Michael Moore is directing it.  Madonna is starring in it and the state has gone mad with film fan frenzy.  But one actress who is not impressed, is Reese Witherspoon because she is a a list talent and can not damage her own name by being impressed by a movie she is not in.  But Ben Affleck will show up as her Hollywood costar and he will turn her life around on the silver screen.  His marquee name literally sells movies to the foreign film distributors and he will bring back a low budget movie production fund without the movie even being seen by film critiques or moviegoers anywhere in the world.  Leonard Neomi was just at Barnes and Nobles today, looking through their female lead books, and ran across the most interesting cosmos adventure script that I have ever seen billy LAx and Maxx TEE write. This story teller told about a magnificent polar bear dying to become the first of its kind to be made into a stuffed rabbit. The independent film directors will go crazy on this story beginning with two Polar Bears falling in love on the ice burg that is the most remote location in Canada. These two snuggly white furry creatures make a love adventure thriller that would be the envy of Canadians. Can’t wait to see this cinema for what it really is. The star of the polar ice burgs.  Espresso Films will report on these two bears as well as many other male leads. We love having our protagonist Maxx TEE and our leading man CC bel brag on their newest and greatest love interests that they have paid money for. If they are not in the realm of great cinematographers, then I have seen no independent film comparisons. billy LAx has sent his congratulations to Maxx TEE and CC bel for winning of the American Film Market gold mental award. Be on the lookout for him to replace the junior editor with a leading lady that means something more than just another pretty face.  The entertainment industry of Los Angeles produces micro-budget art-house classics to 20 million dollars, some for the family, but most not.  LeRoy Jethro Gibbs has finally retired from the  CBS hit NCIS in its 19th season.  Who knows why Mark Harmon would not keep going on with such an amazing TV show as it has to be the number one show ever to be on cable TV.  I can remember the slaps to the back of the head of Tim and Tony and the romance between Tony and Zeba that never actually got consumed.  That relationship was like a relationship everyone had together.  Funny on how TV show relationships are like that.  We all share in the romance.  But there is NCIS New Orleans that will continue and to make it clear, it is my least favorite NCIS.  I don’t like it.  But NCIS Los Angeles in my view is actually better.  I really like Hedy.   Kind of fun thinking she is actually scary.  But Ice Tea really makes that show as the romance is not near as good as Tony and Zeba’s.  But now LeRoy Jethro Gibbs and gang will have the good old independent film business to get into.  Can you imagine NCIS the movie with LeRoy Jethro Gibbs coming back like a bad dream to be like the Grandpa in charge of it all?  I would actually like to see him take the Hedy spot.  Wouldn’t that be interesting?  But in any case, Hills Street Blues will never compare to NCIS.