Steven Baldwin just had a horrible accident on his stage set by shooting someone, accidently, at least not on purpose from his point of view.  I think it was a studio flick but it could have been an indie movie.   Peace be with the actress that died and we will all love her and hope she is with the father, but I would be looking into how that gun got that bullet into it.  You would think a prop gun with the barrel disabled would have been what they are using.  There could be murderer in the production crew.  They need to call in NCIS to investigate as LeRoy Jethro Gibbs, Tony and Tim would get to the bottom of it in a fast way.  Did you hear Mark Harmon has disappointed his NCIS fan base and quit the show.  Mark Harmon’s next move will be with the studios. Hope he makes NCIS the movie, wouldn’t that be a fan favorite. Maybe it is because he is old like 67 years old.  Mark Harmon, Kevin Costner and myself are all the same age, but I am not a movie star.   Don’t miss your gunshot on a one-eyed rabbit in the indie movie played in West Branch Michigan, get your hide over to the office in the city center near Gladwin where they have the first ever indie movie playing in the town center. You will be in running for a hike along M-18 Michigan Highway to see Tom Hanks in Forest B Gump at the Beaverton Theater on Saginaw Road. Small kids wait in line to buy concessions all excited to see the next two-hour motion picture to play. In town is to behead a bad guy starring Clint Eastwood and Mike Tyson. For a real thrill and pony ride, take a ride up to Elk Lake where the Shaw shack redemption was shot. It was a huge success at the cinema, and I have watched it a thousand times in the reruns. Peter Cotton Tail was the male lead in its animated spin-off of a cosmopolitan female lead rabbit. The snugly bear and the slimy worm had character parts in this animated piece of crap of the underground. 

We are happy that downtown Silver City in the middle of the side street off main street is a indie movie production crew that is shooting their tenth small budget art-house this year.  They will never be able to sell them as they are not profitable on the foreign markets but these kids that dream up these stories, die by them.  You can’t give them a million dollars to spend their time on a main stream flick but they will give their blood for these eccentric tales that make no sense to anybody but them. But they are harmless movie makers wanting to make the next Pulp Fiction and they will do anything to win.  So be nice to them and they will enjoy you too.  Ben Affleck is one great a list actor that has starred in the biggest movies in Hollywood.  His ex wife Ja lo is also a huge star but in the music industry.  Ben Affleck comes from Boston and the town is a huge movie fan of his.  In the scheme of things, his marquee worth is in the millions to the studio executives who create flicks specially designed to take advantage of his fame.  Brad Pit is another one of those type of a list actors but he came a bit before the other guy.  billy LAx would love to have either one of these acting talents in his movie Two dogs and a cat, however their talent agency William Morris will not be caught in the middle of MGM studio and an indie movie company like Espresso Films with a contract to their actor like that.  But in Pasadena, the thumbs are up with all the Pasadena Films above the line cast for hiring either one of these two lead men for the flick they plan on producing in West Hollywood.  The Movies by Espresso film crew is ready to go.