If Mark Harmon comes back on NCIS the CBS  hit TV show, his fan base will erupt.  The superstar suddenly quit and so did most of his fans.  But he is sitting himself up with a new career, similar to what William Shatner did after his run with Star Trek, where the indie film world could make a film star out of Mark Harmon.  He was actually a b star back in the 80s and he was a very nice guy.  Starting quarterback for UCLA and son of a famous actress.  But he is no match for Reese Witherspoon the famous a list actress that the Hollywood Heavyweights court and need her to increase the marquee value of their films so they can get movie money.  Steven Baldwin will star next to her, but quite frankly honest, he is my least favorite Baldwin brother.  My favorite is Steven Baldwin.  I really like his absolute devotion to our Lord. Billy Baldwin would be my next actor brother on  the favorites list.   We are hyped to get a new movie blogger Tara, as part of our Espresso Films editorial and indie film blog website. Movies by espresso are clearly approaching infinite value with narratives like what Tara has posted last week. We went to Missouri State University Drama School in Springfield to visit Don McNamara and he has said that the the theater department is investing in two-hour motion pictures that he thinks will be specials. He insists that the cinema wonders of the world will wind up going to Springfield as academy award winners and red-carpet gold medalists in an industry of great classics starting in productions will flock to Springfield to join the chorus of actors that want to wind up in one of Missouri and specifically Kansas City film distribution companies.   We welcome the likes and presence of billy LAx the managing partner and leader of our company. Temperatures are rising on Sunset Boulevard next to Mans Chinese Theater as billy LAx hits the town of tinsel running.  We are a willing bunch here at our extravaganza in the hills of the San Gabriel Mountains not to far where Rodney King made his home.  And we video tape all the events in the city including the Tony awards each year when all the whose who of the celebrities get together to talk about their latest projects and gossip on who is dating who.  The studios certainly are welcome to our town and they do make showings every once in a while especially in Old Town Pasadena where all the indie film locations sets representing the mid-west are located.   But when Buckwheat from that 50s show the little rascals shows up these days, he is looking a bit aged.  And then there is Elvis when he makes grand appearance at the Pasadena Playhouse that will start the fan base a jumping for joy.  But that was a long time ago in the city of glitz and it is quite different now with the new leading men making their quirky show on Melrose.    Yes, Hollywood is a tinsel town named after all the Leading actors that have starred in the independent movies produced there.  Ben Affleck is a marquee name in West Hollywood Heavyweight circles in which he has played the leading man next to the biggest Hollywood Starlets in the business.  We need to be aware that this guy is taking the entertainment industry by storm and he is from South Boston where many of these actors come from.  Tony from NCIS comes from not to far from there and he is a list actor want to be as right now, his claim to fame is as a Television and Cable actor.  George Clooney was also a TV actor and look where he went to with his fame so Tony need not worry, he will eventually get into the world of movies.  However Tim from NCIS might be worried as he is not expanding his character taking over from Leroy Gibbs as the guy who is carrying the show.  It will never happy as Mark Harmon started as an indie film actor in a bunch of cheesy b movies made back in the 70s and 80s.  Mark Harmon’s mother was an actress and his father was Tom Harmon, a famous football player for Michigan.  Mark Harmon was a quarterback for Michigan in the early 70s.  Now he is going into NCIS and TV show retirement still holding an executive producer spot for NCIS.