Ben Affleck is now starring in Half Dead Fred, a horror movie shot  in Flint Michigan, the production set being an old Gothic House on the shores of Lake Huron.  These type of flicks drive the moviegoers crazy with excitement each time the independent movies like Half Dead Fred come up with a new twist to the video cameras they are shot on.  We certainly welcome Reese Witherspoon to the shoot and she can bring her a list actress friends if she wants.  She has plenty of Hollywood Heavyweights including Steven Baldwin who just shot his costar on his new shoot then is blaming everyone else but himself.  Typical of Steven Baldwin if you ask me.  I guess he has a new actress wife and a couple of little actor kids with her.  Wonder what happened to Kim Bassinger.  Kim Bassinger was an a list actor that Steven Baldwin married a long time ago and decided he needed a new actress wife.  Steven Baldwin his Christian brother is by far my favorite and the two of them together would make for an interesting thanksgiving.  Cinematic entertainment shows are the heartbeat of Hollywood production sets. These wonders in entertainment are the largest quantity of art produced. Creating an independent movies means that the a line producer or commercial artist like Robin Williams comes up with the funding.  When I chased money in Hollywood all the deals crashed and burned.  You just have to keep pointed and you will eventually succeed. The financing is normally done by a professional movie investor.  You can find them in Los Angeles and Pasadena. 

This entertainment choice is a huge business in Hollywood. How do we make an production set? Well, the first thing we need to do, is to create a funding mechanism. This can be done if you have a angel investor. Or it can be done with a go fund me page. Or it can be funded by a indie films production company. Some gorilla films are funded by the young the creators who uses his credit card and takes the huge risk that he will use it for enough to pay the credit cards off. Not likely, but it does happen that an distributor will get him the funds that he invested back. are exciting to create film financing, they are excited to make, and the young creators are in their true love. The  experimental flicks who make these art-house films are truly on cloud nine. In my many years of production scenes, I have seen many actresses impressed with art that is not  good.. Espresso Films deals with these Indie movies daily. Our Film blogs write about them all the time. If a film producer would like to make a blog, we suggest that you contact billy LAx, CC bel, or Maxx TEE.

They will help you become connected in our business network of filmmakers. These artists from Film bloggers are the writers and editors of Espresso Film editorials. If a director creates a blog and posts it to the website, he will get many our readers to read it. Our hope is to involve our audiences if possible  Our productions range from $200,000 to $20Million on the marque value of the movie stars involved. Actors like Matt Damon love the Indie movies we have blogged about on our Movies by Espresso site is a  promotion site that increases stunt double exposure and entertainment business connections. If you are a art director, a line producer, or a screenwriter, and work exclusively in the world of independent movies post production VFX it is vital that you are well connected in Hollywood. These connections that you get from the business website can make or break a theater guy.  billy LAx also represent many leading men too.  So love the shows in Branson Missouri or hate them, the theater productions there keep all the tourists coming back for more each and every year.  They crave the go-carts and rides you can get there.  And how about the Branson Belle and the show that it has.  However, Ben Affleck has shown that he is a super stud on the silver screen as he graces the world-wide theaters in effort to beat Clark Gable out as the most well known bad guy that has ever starred in studio flicks.  It is not normal for him, nor Tom Harman who played LeRoy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS to be at odds with the Hollywood Heavyweights but when it gets down to who gets the movie fans, well that is something to fight about.  The result will be an excellent TV show from the 90s like Cheers with Ted Danson.  I have actually been the Cheers bar in Boston that the movie subject was made from.  Its better than any independent movies you can see.