Robin Williams the a list studio actor who committed suicide just shows you how important being a studio mega star is.  It is the dreams of thousands of kids who show up in Hollywood each year just to strike out and where it gets you when you succeed.  The independent films that Robin Williams stared in were next to none as he was mostly with the studio directors, but if he ever did help an low cost film director, maybe he would have been a  little more thankful and not have taken his celebrity status so lightly.  Reese Witherspoon is another huge talent and she will only star with super stars like Tom Hanks.  The bottom line, is if Ben Affleck wants to get into the movie making game more than what he is now, he needs to look Charlton Heston up and ask him to come back from the dead to make a horror movie.  Movie digital promotions can best be done by a marketer such as billy LAx. Another fine movie digital movie marketer is CC bel. By the way, Maxx TEE is our recruiter of entertainment professionals. All three of these guys work for Espresso Films. They are all available to for consultation. Movies by Espresso Digital Marketing extends greater into consulting with Filmmakers for their own personal social media and independent films website design. These young professionals needs are critical for their success.  An actor’s internet exposure is a vital part of his career and there is nobody better than our experts to help a him create online presence. If a Movie has cyber presence, it garners way more attention than if it does not. This is why film distributors covet digital marketers so they can get great reviews online. They keep performance parameters for the producers helping them to find the value of each movie.  Exposure is a critical part of a movies success and rate of return to the investor.  YouTube is an important part of the exposure of the movie to find out the sales value of the movie. Fans comment online for each flick. YouTube movie critiques can give their opinions and they can be evaluated by Movies by Espresso CC bell and director Maxx TEE and Managing Director, billy LAx.  So if you want to sell your pride and joy, don’t go to the nearest Block Buster Video because they will not buy it from you, come to us and we will get you the greatest price from the US venues that you could ever achieve by self negotiation independent films distribution contracts.  If you would like to shoot your picture with us, we can help you with the wide range of professionals we have as members.  These bloggers come from every part of the entertainment industry and will can provide you with all the knowledge and skill level you need to shoot your indie film the right way.  Mark Harmon who plays Jethro Gibbs did not make his fans happy as they will now stop watching NCIS feeling a bit betrayed from how he left the show.  Now, Jethro could come back.  He is not dead.  Just old.  But the realities of Tim taking over the top billet of NCIS is pretty bleak.  The guy can’t do it, he can’t replace Jethro Gibbs, not on his best day. billy LAx knows this and will enlist John Candy who is dead by the way, to come in and do a casting call and show his comedic presence again and bring back to life the old Saturday Night Live with Eddie Murphy and the priest guy who took the TV show by storm.  The life back in the old SNL days was great.  I don’t think they called it SNL back then, as I remember it humoring college kids sitting in their dorms, eyes glued to the TV and an arm around their girlfriend’s shoulder.  Those were the days of independent films and the beginning of the entertainment industry where they spawned from the deep pits of Hollywood Blvd with thousands of Ice House comedy club fans looking for the opportunity of a life time to get their movie careers kick started making the b films that the 16 mm camera club cinematographers had incorporated into their tool chest of camera equipment so the lighting an gaffers also had something to play with.