Reese Witherspoon completes Warner Bros search for an a list actress for their new studio flick Two cats and a dog in which billy LAx will direct and his digital marketing team for the website moviesbyespresso will provide the US and Canadian film marketing efforts.  Any time Espresso Films reports on an independent film like two dogs and a cat, it gets raves from the film critiques both in the US and in the arthouses of Europe.  But now to everyone’s delight, we have Half Dead Fred, a horror flick, produced and shot in Flint Michigan to highlight the Movies By Espresso bloggers as they buzz like little movie fans they are.  A glimpse of the movie will set Hollywood on fire as it is everything the film critiques have said it was.  Ben Affleck passed up the script and now that he has done that, his ex  Jay lo was happy to be the female lead and star next to Matt Damon.  They are both top Espresso Films movie blog masters. And both have high hopes of their screenplays becoming an independent film. The corporate guys are lucky to have them both as participating professionals. Each one of them, Tara and Juan will create their own masterpiece and we will watch for them to be successful dudes as they already are and when they create their own piece of the pie, we will be cheering them on. In Los Angeles, particularly in Santa Monica, there are a lot of Leading men ready to  and provide their expertise not trying to hide their fluency in providing screenplay auditions to get into the wonderous animations and then get into a better situation with appearances Late Night with David Letterman. These chicks are ambitious and hang out at the American Film Market on Pacific Coast Hwy next to Santa Monica Beach to meet some unexpected executive who has no idea that they are in for top  foreign film sales. Don’t miss John Lennon playing on Melrose Blvd. Thursday night.  Ringo Star may join him too.  And the Monkeys with Davey Jones may be in line to play at the Ice house which is where Peter Fonda started out.  Down the road is the best seafood restaurant in Hollywood where the whose who frequently enjoy their independent film business meetings trying to do back of the napkin plans to put up a concept that has not even had a script written on it yet.

Films Editorial and film blog. So, if you are a lonely filmmaker and a cinematographer and a stunt man and a makeup artist and a stunt double and a gaffer and a director of photography or just a plane theater owner, then you should get into the independent movie industry  tomorrow.  Ben Affleck is a huge mega star in the Warner Bros studio scene as the directors and writers are planning everything around this super actor.  billy LAx wrote a screenplay in the 90s called Country Love about a country and western music star want to be making it through the Branson music scene trying to get to Nashville music row to explode his career.  billy LAx wants to get the script to Tim McGraw but the road is long and narrow of getting his acting manager to get it to him.  Maybe if billy LAx pays Tim McGraw a few billion dollars he will do it.  billy LAx also wrote another screenplay he is trying to get to the a list talent called Buzz Lambeau which was about a ageing Hockey washed up star making a comeback trying to take the Red Wings to the Stanley cup.  The movie takes place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and will make an awesome independent film.   The Packer movie fans will go crazy over this one as they all love the UP, but they don’t care to much for the Red Wings as most of them want the UP to go to Wisconsin.  But for the love of the Hollywood Studios, we need to see LeRoy Jethro Gibbs make a come back on NCIS TV show because Tim can’t hold the fort down. CBS needs to bring back Tony if nothing else.