Reese Witherspoon is the a list actress of the century appearing in many of a Disney movie and then she also is a huge star in the comedy movies by MGM.  Give her an acting role and she will make it come alive with her fine method characterization of the very best in the indie movie productions.  Reese Witherspoon often costars with Ben Affleck in horror films like Half Dead Fred which is production currently being shot in Flint Michigan near Detroit in which the actors and actresses are running around Flint paying people to give their autographs to.  The scenes in Half Dead Fred are vivid and real and a lot like the scenes in the Exorcist which was shot in the early seventies.  Mad Maxx TEE of Espresso Films is chomping at the bit to see Half Dead Fred because his directing debut is a horror flick very close to that.   In the bid to take over the world, the masked gunmen from Turkey issued a warning “tell those mad indie movie business producers to move on.” The mad executives did and took their stuntmen with them. Or is that casting agents, who knows. Show business is filled with exciting talent and this snippet from a screenplay is just one example of an entertainment business has gone bad. However, when we here at Espresso Films movie blog and movie editorials get into the groove, watch out. Maxx TEE sets out a warning and a red stoplight for CC bel, but it does zero good. He goes straight through the red light on his way to shooting his project. Does it wonder the magnificent critiques circulate fact and fiction in isotopes according to readers in the realm of sad fans?  I have to talk to my business partner in the member network that we have created, moviesbyespresso and see if he can suggest a McDonalds to meet our future film bloggers.  It is a cruel entertainment world out there and the performers are getting the axe end of the deal.   As we have signed up hundreds of industry professionals to post on our site, it does not seem to be good enough as we need to do more SEO to get more movie web traffic.  Else, we will be making peanuts on Google Adsense. And to boot, Google has warned us about bad traffic which is probably coming from the international filmmakers we asked to join and they scan the website to see our entertainment articles we have posted.

But all and all, it is treating us good as it is a way that billy LAx has figured out how to be in the middle of the indie movie business.  Everyone keeps emailing us asking what our site is all about and who the aspiring film professionals are that are creating the blogs.  We tell them we have massive social media campaigns focused on the movie industry and they are impressed and join which means they simply submit a blog to billy LAx.   That gives them exposure because we SEO each one of these entertainers postings and we get money from Google.  But the gang at the company assures a physical entertainment networking due to the efforts of billy LAx.  Ben Affleck is the teenage girls Hollywood dream idle for 2022 and will be for the next ten years.  As a guy that has come from Boston, he has that blue collar South Boston accent that keeps the movie fans thrilled.  Jay lo his new squeeze brings her beautiful legs to the flicks he goes to and the theater crowds surround her as the leading lady and give her more attention than Ben Affleck.  But Terretino the film director would be jealous of the super star’s choice in actresses because all Territino can get is ten cent Hollywood first time actresses that pound  on his casting call door trying to get him to say yes to  putting them in his flick.  But keep on going starlets as he will eventually cave and you will get a part in an indie movie of some sort or another.  Maybe it will be a romantic-comedy and maybe it will be a block buster charging all kinds of money for  the movie tickets making the film investors rich.  Maybe it will be a bust.  But in any case the young actresses will get a chance to show their stuff.