Bang bang went Alec Baldwin’s gun as he discharge his so called prop gun into the innocent director of photography of the movie he was shooting.  Love never had it so bad when his actress wife started getting hounded by the Hollywood Reporters.  But in the indie film business, they are pointing their fingers saying that Mr mega a lister should have trusted them to give him the prop gun instead of a studio director.  Filmmakers on the Pasadena Films business type entertainment environment would never have stooped so low.  It is time to call in Jethro LeRoy Gibbs from the CBS TV show NCIS to investigate Alec Baldwin’s murderous action and give the Hollywood police some red meat to give Trump so he can get back for all the nasty things Alec Baldwin said about him on Saturday Night Live.  But then our Ben Affleck will be in line for Alec Baldwin’s movie opportunities with Pixel and Disney and such.  Reese Witherspoon will also be happy with this because she would rather work with Ben Affleck than the other guy who shoots girls with prop guns and blames the stunt doubles.  Star Trek will be at an advantage because there is no body better than Captain James Kirk to investigate Alec Baldwin’s murder of his cinematographer.  Steven Baldwin has got to be laughing at his fool brother because now Trump will go after him for all the skits he did with Eddie Murphy on SNL. Sherlock Holmes was a novel creation made back in the 30s but brought to life in a major studio two hour motion picture.  That was an exciting flick missed out by the indie film producers but the studios were sharp enough to think about it.  I guess that is why they get all of the money and usually make can’t loose film investments because they own the distribution venues both within the US and Canada and the foreign film distributors.  But they do not have the film marketing rights to  Half Dead Fred, the new horror movie being shot in Flint Michigan.  The production set for Half Dead Fred is the old gothic house on the shores of Lake Huron.  Reese Witherspoon would make a great career move in her acting business if she got involved with Half Dead Fred someway.  This is the third-tier level of Espresso Films blog and editorial website. Our bloggers are filmmakers who love the entertainment field and spend their lives taking their girlfriends to the indie film theaters to see Swing Blade, Rocky, the terminator, and other Matt Daman films. The industry produces awesome experimental art and we have convinced our members here at the company in Pasadena California to enjoy their free time with great projects like Lizards in Bondage.   A thriller  is the very best we can watch on the silver screen and it keeps you talking with your friends about these on the edge stories for hours at you power plant job. The amount of Theater screens each project can command is how we evaluate the art. Action suspense flicks are every fan’s favorite in the Charleston Navy Shipyard. Matt Daman, Robin Williams, Julia Turner, are all superstars  that grace the silver screen all over the world but especially in Asia as the Chinese particularly are fund of American cinematic creations. Going to Hong Kong to visit members of our organization moviesbyesresso, we feel fortunate to have the entertainment network contacts there. We go to the Japanese bars and watch the latest and greatest indie film Rocky and Swing Blade and Mangrove 5 just to come home and eat concession popcorn all night. Sometimes we order pop at while we are watching Kevin Costner and his baseball shoot just to come home and dream about being in the Field of Dreams.  Morgan Freeman is a class 1A actor with a family in Atlanta Georgia.  I use to know his sister in law in the 90s and she was  a real cool chick. But  as a test of time, with his voice overs on nearly every corner of the entertainment industry, Morgan Freeman has been a class act to beat when it comes to leading men in the Hollywood Heavyweight world of play.  The African American Film maker association in Brentwood California, right beside UCLA drama school has give Morgan Freeman more awards than puppy dogs have tail wags.  As a matter of fact the studio flick “Don’t wag the dog” was shot in Pasadena California on Colorado Street and it was a compete box office smash with LeRoy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon as the male lead and Hedy his costar.  But in any event, Ben Affleck will star in the indie film, Two dogs and a cat with his squeeze Jay lo to costar with him and they will be getting the red-carpet treatment by billy LAx in Pasadena California in November of 2022.  That is the month that Movies by Espresso will roll out its editorial on how COVID effected the Hollywood Production movies.