The love of the show is what it is all about on the Broadway theaters in New York City.  I can remember back in the 70s when I saw my first Broadway theater and I was in the Navy.  What a thrill.  To make a claim that the independent movies that we see today emulates Broadway shows is to say the least.  They have great acting in both productions and Reese Witherspoon is a great performer in both stages.  The studios are not the only place that loves Reese Witherspoon and she often does her method acting next to her costar Ben Affleck.  Has anyone heard that Alec Baldwin just shot a woman dead on a film shoot?  Wow!  Then they jump on the newspaper reporters telling them that their actors’ babies are sitting in the car crying.  I would be crying too if a list actor daddy did not check the stunt gun for bullets before he used it just because a big-name director gave it to him to use. Young Hollywood dreamer, it is a strikeout. However, there is that one in many that hits it big and becomes a Hollywood Star. All it takes is Acting Talent and luck. When that happens, it changes the Tinsel Town dreamer’s life forever in independent films. No long is their name lost in the thousands, but everyone knows who that actor or actress is. Take Brad Pit, for example, a boy from Springfield Missouri who made it big. Just showed up in Sunset Blvd with amazingly good looks and could carry himself right and a and makeup artist possibly an executive Producer recognized it and gave him a chance and the box office ticket sales went through the roof every time he lit up the silver screen.

To me, this is an example of why a young independent movies professional should take the chance and find out if he has the magical touch to get recognized and then if he has the sense to say and do the right thing before the casting agents.  We here at moviesbyespressso give our attention to the wealth of art-house indie films.

These casting agents can make or break an actor. Better know how to give a good experimental film screening. flicks are mostly produced here in the US, but the US is losing its stranglehold on them as lots of producers from Europe, China and Japan are producing cinemas these days.  Distributors are from all Over the world.  So you can go to the festivals and meet b movie starlets all the time.  Just make sure the Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks type of entertainers are not involved in any of the business deals.

As an Espresso films independent movies blogger we have a reputation to uphold for quality work no matter who we are evaluating and no matter who the blogger is.  Our report subject can be a struggling drama school student from the University of Michigan or it can be a Hollywood studio heavyweight from one of the biggest entertainment corporations in the country.  Maxx TEE will give them a fair review with his excellent industry observations.  LeRoy Jethro Gibbs has finally bit the dust and got his butt off the CBS hit TV show that he had billions of TV fans making the studio movie guys happy since now they can hire him to be an a lister and make their feature films sell on the international distribution markets.  Robert De Niro is another one that can sell his marquee name to the international movie fans but most would rather have Matt Damon these days.  Mark Harmon will still be associated with NCIS as an executive producer and do not think he won’t be back on when he sees the TV show fail getting bad cable rating numbers.  But Ben Affleck may be brought into NCIS to hold up the fort sending the executive producers to the shower room.  They will not be welcome back to the studio lot to make any more block busters to sell in the DVD market.  Then Robin Williams will come back from the grave and make us all laugh with his complicated comedy that he used on Toy Story.  Yes, the independent movies will be a huge success in the future of romance entertainment and the Hollywood Heavyweights will be down on Sunset Blvd throwing casting sessions because they will not find enough actresses in Los Angeles to be able to fill all the leading ladies that the entertainment industry will have.  Just hang on Robert De Niro, you will finally get a female lead that can match your humor besides Roseanne and you won’t make Dan Goodman mad at you then.