Ben Affleck has just signed a deal with Warner Bros to star in billy LAx’s  next two hour feature, two dogs and a cat.  In the event that Hollywood Independent films will be canceled due to  COVID, we must be prepared for streaming video to increase in the fan based venues of marketing.  Reese Witherspoon is a huge mega star in the entertainment industry and has costarred with the leading men like Robin Williams who committed suicide and is proof that Hollywood actors have terrible emotional problems.  The studios love Reese Witherspoon as one of their favorite leading ladies.  Why does the indies love her so much?  Because of her character methodology is next to none. When she is on a production set, she lets it all out and makes for great entertainment. But in the end, it is the movie midnight on elm street that will go into the theater record books as the largest box office smash in history.  Ben Affleck would certainly agree as he has played costar with Reese Witherspoon more than one time in his film career.  Hey, did you hear Alec Baldwin shot a woman in his movie scene for real?  What a terrible tragic event to happy in shooting a movie on set. So rather you are a movie director needing promotion, or you are a movie producer needing promotion, or rather you are an actor needing exposure, or a cinematographer resting on a 35mm camera, Espresso films can help you. Our entertainment reports and celerity blogs to appear on our website that talks about  filmmakers.  Leading men can also be done on the moviesbyespresso website. This report medium has a core competence in internet  marketing TV show marketing. We as a specialized entertainment group have access to the cream of the internet film distribution expertise. Film promotion by the internet is a skill level, not too many other independent films and distribution companies have besides Movies by Espresso.  In the arch of the covenant by Harrison Ford,  The leading lady was the most beautiful Starlet that West Los Angeles has ever had step foot on it.  It was one of the most coveted entertainment shows in the last one hundred years and no invention in Hollywood’s independent films industry could match the success that Harrison Ford had with that little cinematic jewel.  The movie marketers at espresso films will help you find their filmmaker customers find their movies niche and film financial worth. Movie promotions by the internet are a difficult thing that only trained internet film promoters can effectively do.  In Santa Monica, there is a great amount of young want to be entertainers applying their show business skills in the streets.  The world will discuss Danzel Washington’s next studio flick in secret as it has not been released to the public relations people yet.  When we talk about Danzel Washington, we talk in line of the best of the best character actors in the world.  The movie he made playing the bad cop was a flick I will never forget.  He now is a devoted Christian and the talent agencies like William Morris are still learning how to promote him.  I can tell them exactly how to do it, hit the Christian movie crowds which are enormous, the marketers just do not know it, because they have never really tried. Sure, there was Charlton Heston and his Moses movie but they just mark that box office hit up to be luck.  But what Danzel Washington must do is make independent films.  That way, he can have more control as he will be in charge of hiring the movie director.  The screenwriter will need to do what he wants him to do and the script will be made for him directly so he can make the box office receipts that he needs to recover to make his talent agency, William Morris, happy.