We wonder what film stars are doing each minute of the Hollywood Tinsel town and when we find out they are with the female leads, we step back with an awesome attitude and line up to see the next independent film they will be in.  One can’t imagine that life.  Walking down the street and everybody knows your name.  What better thing could there be.  Can things get better in tinsel town? Maybe they can if we go down to Melrose with all the chicks that have graced the silver screen since the forties like Meg Ryan. CC bel has done his level best to be an important stuntman in Los Angeles but now the time has come for him to switch to be a casting director to the want to be travelers to the city. Like time will tell with his efforts to become a cinematographer in his once heralded and now low esteem role in his up-and-coming dream, just hold them high. Maxx TEE is another animal of Espresso Films reports and movie blog creatures. Movies by espresso just got two more bloggers to join today and we will upload their fine  posts tomorrow. We are excited to get Tara who is a independent film screenwriter and Juan who is a VFX guy from Brazil.  In the jail cell of Mexico the next idea to put forth as a Studio creation will appear.  His story teller is a Mexican and his mother is a Brazilian.  But in the cinema’s of Tijuana, we will finally see the concept come alive with real Mexican starlets gracing the screen.  In place of the normal movie fans will be rugby fans from Mexico City who would like to travel to Los Angeles to see Sunset Blvd and all the cinema want to be winners.  Robert De Niro if he is liked or not, is a tremendous talent.  His acting is next to none.  Robert De Niro has starred in many a studio film and he has been both the bad guy and the good guy.  But he can keep his political nose in his own business and just worry about acting as far as I am concerned.  Robert De Niro should have played the adversary in billy LAx’s Country Love script he wrote in the 90s but billy LAx could not get the screenplay to him to read.  Jethro LeRoy Gibbs would have played a great sequel to a movie that had the star of Country Love in it because he was a Country Star and Robert De Niro would not have done well as the star but as the bad guy in fight that could have killed everyone on the movie set.  So if you want to create an independent film out of Country Love, you will have to talk to billy LAx and he will converse with his team at Movies by Espresso and they will ask their movie bloggers.  You probably have a great chance if you give billy LAx a lot of money for his storytelling which means his movie treatment.