Reese Witherspoon is a hot little number that knows how to act and is a serious applicant for an Oscar Nomination.  Can you imagine a really lucky indie movie producer that gets this a lister to grace his production set?  His revenue from tickets would go through the box office ceiling.  He could only dream of the next step producing a Universal Studio flick and wearing sun glasses at night in Hollywood, looking like the rest of the idiots.  But when Don Knots made the animated fish movie back in the eighties, we did not have it so good as we do today, so it wound up making lots of money at the box office.  Andy Griffon was proud of him because Aunt Bee made him ask Barney over for dinner on the TV show.   Back then, 35 mm film shoots where for expensive movies so TV was made on digital cameras.  Actually, Espresso Films has a technology editorial you might want to read about this very thing.  It talks about digital streaming and all.  Mean joe banner was a stunt man for a Walt Disney show in the 80s. Now he died a gruesome death in a scene that set West Hollywood on fire. He was standing on his head on a indie movie production set and landed face down in a fire created by the cinematographer. The entertainment industry has  not been as disappointed in this hectic death as they were in Joe blow standing on a marble hill. It was an excitement that stood the test of love. Movies by espresso is a film blog website and a promotion and love network. It helps those strange dudes who are television hosts  to get together and dream about the TV shows they will never make. Good luck weird chumps. You will never make your horror story in a million years. West Hollywood starlet will never let you shoot them in a production scene. That is because they have snot running down their noses.  In every effort to promote makeup artists on our  entertainment blog of the Sunset Blvd coffee shops promote great cinematic programming across platforms of the art-house indie movie fan base, and feature is created to charm its way past the Hollywood directors who necessarily despise it because it was made by what they believe is a drama student from Pasadena City College with no right to succeed in what he is doing.  But those young drama school students keep coming back for more abuse from the above the line cast of the Hollywood elite.  They shoot their film on video and submit it to social media and go around the powers to be.   The cinemas that you’re dependent on that put Robin William love stories in their theaters will be good for mothering filmmakers from West Hollywood ever be in their pathetic theaters. So, dream on and make video independent film productions that the will not love at all and disrespect. If you want to go to South Africa or China on a production set, remember that the Chinese will not let you step foot in the country without promising each one of the 1 billion people to make them into a list star and put them into your comedy. Leaving the Kenyon people out of the show buzz mix is a big mistake. Each one of the Kenyon people from Africa needs to be a below the line  and involved in everything that is made in the business of entertainment.  Casting Africans in their own starring role makes for a creative indie movie starring those talents from Mangrove that deserve to be in a two hour motion picture.   We pledge here at Movies by Espresso  that our African Talent will not go unrewarded by our blog promotions.  Each and every cinema we report on will be done with care and love that only billy LAx and his crew can bring to the group.  If a entertainment editor, such as Maxx TEE, decides his piece deserves recognition from Hollywood Heavyweights, billy LAx will garnish support from his business connections throughout Melrose and Sunset blvd and we will get behind it with each and every blogger in line with what we are doing to promote the independent film industry.  The vital need for CC bel to bring his Digital Marketing skills to the board is apparent from the collaboration of movie bloggers he has got over the years.  He creates many friends in the talent agencies such as William Morris and keeps his dignity from being crushed by the actors he continually recruits to blog. Morgan Freeman will star in the next Movies By Espresso Film that is financed and produced by billy LAx.  The plan right now, is it will be called two dogs and a cat and will be directed by first time film director CC bel.  Cherry his squeeze and want to be actress will be cast as the female lead and Brad Pit will costar.  Jimmy Kimel will be the voice over and Burl Ives from the Christmas movie will also be the voice over as the script will be written by Maxx TEE.  So if you have nothing to do Saturday night then go see this indie movie and you will come back with horror stories to tell your grandchildren because only the best horror storytellers were available to partake in this adventure.  But Ben Affleck will not be the star of the show and he will be angry  that we gave it to Leo so don’t go away, there will be a huge fight over this one on Hollywood Blvd.