Reese Witherspoon is now up for an Oscar with Warner Bros picture two dogs and a cat directed by billy LAx.  Maxx TEE will be the cinematographer and CC bel’s girlfriend, actress Cherry bel will have a bit part just to make CC bel happy, even though she is a terrible method actor. But Espresso Films bloggers love this little Indie film which highlights the care and concern of the Hollywood Heavyweight producers.  Temptation sets in on being sad for CC bel as he can only get small bit parts for Cherry to act in because she is no good. But Ben Affleck will come to her defense as he likes kissing on Cherry in front of CC bel. When we do film financing usually we are dealing with a motion picture. It is rare where we will finance a major motion picture from a studio like Warner Bros. Universal Studios or Disney from the outside investors. Major Studios self-fund their pictures  which is different from the indie film companies.  We can see that even the most competent of the executives in this business need to be extremely knowledgeable on how to handle the money aspect of the entertainment industry.  It is vital to have certifications and maybe a business degree in finance to understand what a drawdown schedule is and how to put one together.  Now outside investors and financers can supply investment or debt to production companies or distributors. Another way companies get money is through go fund me accounts on the web. Go fund me accounts were set up to compensate for the increase in partnership and stock regulations that occurred back in the 90s making it near impossible for small start-up companies to get venture for their new independent movie enterprises. Theater chains also require financing and the same guys who fund films, fund theater chains.  This can come in the form of funding releases for, or it can come in the form of the overall corporate funding of a chain like AMC.  When we want to package a asset, we combine the screenplay with the above the line talent and then the money for most of the production product can be put on and it is then taken off on a roll out basis.  Each point of withdrawal of the funding requires certain parameters of the Indie film production to be meant.  That means, a script rewrite needs completed, certain scenes need shot, the post production should be started or the movie needs to be in the can.  So the complexities of the investment are significant and if a filmmaker does not feel comfortable with this area of the project, he needs to be trained a bit more.  When the VFX and CGI expert gets a post production to work on, they take care to get the aspect ratio of the video camera correct, else the film in the can turns out to be a disaster.  Many of production budget has be spent on reshooting film that has been damaged by bad VFX professionals.  When the great director Bong Joon, gives you a deal to do post production on, you don’t want to blow it, or you will be flipping burgers on your next job.  Del Toro is the same way in his Mexican cinematic art work he gives to the movie fans year in and year out.  Oh, one of the best documentaries I there is going to be out this year, is Kurt Warner’s An American Underdog.  Now that will be a football indie film that will not go away for years as Kurt Warner is everyone’s favorite St Louis Ram.  To bad there wasn’t more movie investment put into that one as it would have went well as a Disney delight.  Kurt has to be making all kinds of bread with his fame which is really spectacular.  He is one of those celebrities that makes it work with the Trump crowd who loves him  a lot.  He probably needs to stay out of the theater and with ESPN though.  Then there is the Pharma Bro documentary  which will compete head on with An American Underdog for best documentary in international film sales deals that the world awards to the best Grammy award winners.  In the end, we need good examples of celebrities to let our kids watch at the cinema and Kurt Warner is just one of those guys.  Now one that isn’t such a good example is Mafia Thriller Illusions which is all about blood and guts.  We need to get this independent movie in the rear view mirror as far as our kids are concerned.