Star Trek the next generation is a huge fan favorite bringing in star trekies from nations world wide.  The distribution of this film is massive and it is a block buster success, especially in Asia where the ticket sales are through the roof.  What the world of independent films do not see, is the built in fan favorites that star trek actually has.  William Shatner who played Captain Kirk is a big part of that success who just flew into space to taught the new movie critiques into giving him great reviews.  Espresso Films will be part of that review as the best of their bloggers will be talking endlessly about William Shatner and his voyage into space as part of the TV show.  But Half Dead Fred may make an appearance as a horror show actor at the American Film Market and we will get a taste of the benefits of movie making in Michigan.  Ben Affleck will also star in the movie two dogs and a cat as scene through the eyes of billy LAx who is the managing director of Movies by Espresso.  In the early seventies, we watched William Shatner light up our black and white TV sets with Star Trek and get into fights with Mr. Soolo who now is a homosexual and hates Captain James T Kirk. But we have the two our feature, Star Trek, the next generation which Mr Spock gets killed then comes back to life to the delight of the star trek zombie fans.  Indie movies depend on great movie websites such as our site at Movies by Espresso.    Companies such as Warner Brothers is also a major Motion Picture Studio, each year financing its share of major art.  It has a Theater distribution venue allowing for its marketing  to be totally inhouse.  When a Warner Bros product is created, it is guaranteed to have a release and in the financing business, that is all you can ask for.  The company’s sale of its product is the envy of the business.    Universal Studios is always in the running for the first of the entertainment industry.  But there are other leaders in the independent films arena.  Its present in Hollywood is massive and it too, as with Disney, has a major theme park in North Hollywood.  Only studio type of productions have their scenes shot inhouse at Universal, year after year.    As well as set design goes on at Disney Year after year.  And creation of art goes on at Universal City on a continuing basis.  DreamWorks also continues in their business many times a year.  Theater releases to test the marketability is widespread throughout the Los Angeles area with free movie passes to those movie fans who participate in each film marketing venture.  You can see the theme park production sets sit up all over Hollywood, Santa Mónica, Beverly Hills and the rest of Los Angeles County.  I can remember a Arnold Schwarzenegger film shoot, the Terminator II which was shot in Long Beach at a waste plant burner.  Inside the plant, you could see the scenes where Arnold Schwarzenegger would have crawled up the machine to get his victim.   When the art-house independent film exhibitors

reach a climax with their one on one show casings and all the producers are in the middle of the concert at the French Riviera Film Festival, then we can assure that low value movies never leave the post production facility in Santa Monica.  The love of the entertainment media is the driving force for those below the line workers on these production sets as with the cast which is where all the money is spent.  There is one documentary  that will score well at the American Film Market called Pharma Bro and you should expect to see it win a multiple of Grammy awards.