Star Trek the next generation was a box office bust making almost no money for the Universal Studios who produced and distributed the asset.  If it would have been an independent film, it would have had much more success as it did well in Europe but not in Asia as the moviegoers in Tokyo did not bring in much revenue to the theaters.  Mark Harmon just quit NCIS and we are not to thrilled about it but Jethro LeRoy Gibbs will now go into the cinema business and take his TV show fans with him.  His celebrity status is huge in Europe but not as large as in the United States because CBS is a US Television network.  But he will have to compete with Half Dead Fred which is a massive studio horror movie being shot this year and available at Cannes International Film Festival and will make the top 50 films in the slate.  Reese Wither spoon will star in Half Dead Fred and will be the female lead as her boyfriend will be the cinematographer.  Smaller actors started making a comeback because of the affordability of their salaries. Production sets were more modest, and stories became more character-driven.  An independent film will be the main dish for the Hollywood Heavyweights when they are choosing the best Grammy award type cinema that will please both the critiques and the celebrity fans.  An smaller idea was profitable to the entrepreneur just starting out in his own business with his own capital.  At espresso films, we invite our bloggers to write on the best of their experiences no matter what their profession may be.  The indies will create the most exotic art the world has ever seen on the silver screen in Los Angeles as well as across the United States pleasing movie fans in the international theaters.  Many of our members study the film festivals for those features that will most likely find their acclaim from the experts and be the most commercially available love of the year. Those awards and ‘buzz’ are sought after diligently by the competing agendas. CC bel and Maxx TEE are both first-time movie makers that are competing for these awards.   billy LAx has hired both of them as digital marketers to find the best professionals in the business from their significant LinkedIn networks and invite them to create a Blog to attest the jobs they are working on. It does not matter as long as they are part and parcel of the entertainment world. Maybe they are an old from the 90s who has directed many of a b movies. But some of our members are in Television working for CNN or Fox or some other network.  Then we have the YouTube gang too.  When the cinematographer shoots independent film with a small aperture in his multifunction film camera, he is wanting an arc-shot on the closeup if the screenplay calls for it.  This Audio Bridge is what was the given adjustment that the film director called for on the Manic Pixie Dream Girl feature shot on Sunset and Vine.  Lots of movies have traditional heroes like Matt Daman.  But some have even more marquee actors to be the lead male and those movies will sell the box office.  The 25th episode of NCIS provided a thrilling end of Gibbs portrayed by Mark Harmon.  The show has went on for 20 seasons now and Mark looks old.  He is old at 67 years.  I personally thought the biggest loss was Zeeba then Tony.  I really can’t believe they got rid of them.  But then there is the old Wagon Train that starred Clint Eastwood in a role I will never forget being a child of the 60s.  Can you imagine being a costar with Clint Eastwood riding a horse next to him not being able to guess that in the next 40 years, he will rise to be one of the biggest leading men that Hollywood has ever know.  Clint Eastwood has done studio films from the biggest studios in the world including Disney, MGM and Universal.  He is one of the most studied film actors ever making much hay over the American Film Institute.  Clint Eastwood has also done an independent film and has enjoyed it.  Lots of Beverly Hills entertainment executives love to work with him as he is a Mega star but in a normal persons world.  The love for the art is what makes him the very best and he travels the world to frequent the film festivals like Cannes International.  But sit back in the theater and watch this tough guy actor rule the roost in his high profile two hour motion pictures.