When Studio movies are made, over a hundred million dollars can be spent, much of it going to A List Actors or A List Actresses, also A list Directors, and it can make for a risky movie financial exposure. Ask Kevin Costner with the big budget bust Water world. It put a tailspin on Kevin Costner’s career. But most of the time theater releases and A list actors normally bring in a safe return for the Studios. Obviously, they do, or you wouldn’t have continuing success of Disney, Universal and MGM. These big budget studio movies were made by huge actors and actresses like Schwarzenegger Sly or Stallone, Steven Seagal, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other actors. Movie financing for these movies were usually supplied by the studios, or called studio financed films. Studio films have a narrow selection of movie directors. The studio financing does not have much of a risk appetite. But Studio financing of big budget films is easy, once you get the studio executives to agree. You have a major theater release, all foreign film distribution, and domestic film venue releases and the funding to make the film, all within one organization.  Disney is one of the Largest Motion Picture Studios in the world. It started in the 1930s with Walt Disney who created animated cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for lots of movie goers. Now Disney has created a monster theme park called Disney Land in Orange County California as will as Disney World in Orlando Florida. Disney Movies are the most profitable in Hollywood, the City of Glitz drawing Huge Box office hits year after year. Warner Brothers is also a major Motion Picture Studio, each year financing its share of major Movies. It has a major Theater distribution venue allowing for its film distribution to be totally inhouse. When a Warner Bros film is created, it is guaranteed to have a release and in the film financing business, that is all you can ask for. Warner Brothers Film Distribution is the envy of the business. Universal Studios is always in the running for the first of the Major Motion Picture Studios. Its present in Hollywood is massive and it too, as with Disney, has a major theme park in North Hollywood. Major Studio Film Production goes on at Universal, year after year. As well as Major Studio Film Production goes on at Disney Year after year. And Major Film Production goes on at Universal on a continuing basis. DreamWorks also continues in their Major Film Production many times a year. Theater releases to test the marketability is widespread throughout the Los Angeles area with free movie passes to those movie fans who participate in each film marketing venture. You can see the Major Motion picture production sets sit up all over Hollywood, Santa Mónica, Beverly Hills and the rest of Los Angeles County. I can remember a Arnold Schwarzenegger film shoot, the Terminator II which was shot in Long Beach at a waste plant burner. Inside the plant, you could see the scenes where Arnold Schwarzenegger would have crawled up the machine to get his victim. Also, another Major Motion Picture set I have scene was the film Backdraft shot in Pasadena California. I saw the actor staggering out of one of the bars clothes on fire. The 80s and 90s were filled with great action movies from the production sets of the major motion picture studios. It was all kids dream in America to be in one of those Major Motion Pictures but few ever got chosen. We used to play being the Terminator as kids and every kid on the block wanted to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger then got pregnant in one of his Major Motion Picture comedy movies and that was the end of playing Arnold Schwarzenegger. And who didn’t like Leonardo DiCaprio in the Major Motion Picture Titanic. Wow! What a Major Motion Picture Love Story was that? And then there was John Travolta in the Major Motion Picture Pulp Fiction. That was the largest budget Art-house film ever shot. First experimental film I had ever saw. Two ends to that movie blew me away. How about the Cable Guy with Jim Carey? Wasn’t that a funny comedy movie in a big Budget format. And then there was Tom Hanks in Forest Gump. That was a winner Major Motion Picture to beat all. Does anyone remember when Tom Hanks, playing Forest Gump, started walking across American and everyone was following him. Then out of the blue, Tom Hanks, playing Forest Gump stopped and quit, leaving everyone bewildered? Then there was Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black Movie. That was certainly a block buster. I thought the dynamic of the actors Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith were very well played out by the to Movie Stars creating a truly entertaining Major Motion Picture. How about One Few Over the Cuckoo’s nest with Jack Nicholson. Wasn’t that an entertaining comedy for a Major Motion Picture. So, to sum it up, Major Motion Picture companies like Disney and MGM and Warner Bros and Universal and DreamWorks are always competing on the mega-Film Budgets to get the worlds movie goers to rate them as the best movie at the box office and make the most amount of money. Each employees A list stars whose marquee value can carry the film. We should try to see as many Major Motion Pictures as we can a year so we can put our opinion into the best films of the year. No such thing as seeing to many Hollywood Movie Stars and know which Hollywood Director and Hollywood Producer is making which Major Motion Picture from which Major Motion Picture Studio. So rather the movie genre be comedies, action movies, thrillers, or arthouse films, we will be satisfied with the price of the movie ticket when we visit the theaters. There is nothing like a Major Motion Picture movie on a Hot August Night. Who looks at the price of the movie ticket when you have the silver screen in front of you, and your girlfriend hanging onto your arm when you are watching a great Thriller movie? Not this movie fan anyway. Or maybe when you take your movie fan girlfriend to see an Action-Packed Major Motion picture starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Probably not the best actor to let her watch if you are a jealous camper. Or maybe you would rent a Redbox DVD and watch the Major Motion Picture right in your home.