//Hello Film World!!!!
Hello Film world

Hello Film World!!!!

First, I would like to give a big thank-you to my boss billy LAx for hiring me and trusting in my writing skills and opinions to bring them to our readers. My perspectives come from a different generation that billy’s, but I think it is important to express how a person ready for blast-off sees life in the Hollywood realities, which as most of you know, can be a bit hard, sharp and overwhelming. Billy has told me the key to success is to listen, and the other key to success is to learn to ignore. The problem he maintains, is you need the experience to know exactly what that means. Well, philosophy is philosophy, and I am not to spend any more time on it, since everyone has his own, and they apparently differ vastly. 

I started thinking about being a filmmaker when I was maybe eight years old, since my parents loved the film, and would talk rather frequently about Actors and different filmmakers. They would rent films out of blockbuster and watch them with me as something fun to do with me. Yeah, they were good parents, but I do not think they really knew the influence those films had on me. Billy talks about the innovations he has seen in the film industry over his career, and mine is not nearly so much, but to me, it is a massive amount of knowledge to get one’s arms around. This is the place where over-whelming can come in and I take a step back and trust billy, not to let it rule me.

I have read a lot about directors and actors who have made it big. I have always admired those that have had a natural ability, wrote his own screenplay, directed it, and made a name for himself from a pure talent. Michael Moore and Sylvester Stallone are two that come to mind. Those types of directors create unbelievable movie art on a shoestring budget. That is really my dream. And that is what I am doing now with my first movie. I might need more money and I might need to go to film school, but billy encourages me every day to follow my gut and to follow my dreams, so that is what I will do. At least for a while. As a content provider and Jr writer with Espresso Films, I believe I am in a great position to meet lots of incredible film professionals and I believe that I can get my short off the ground, leading to my first full-length motion picture.

” Cinematography is my absolute favourite part of making my film, followed by the sound and music. The technology is a bit mind-boggling with the digital cameras and digital sound mixing requiring a complicated understanding of apps, but I guess that is a part of why I love it “  

It is really love, hate relationship. It kind of makes it great when billy needs to come to me for something. I get him his Hi-Tech answers that he claims anyone over forty has no business knowing, and he gives me sound advice on how to make it in the World of Hollywood. I guess it proves that no one knows it all and we all have advantages to bring to the board.