Maxx TEE is all over it in his directing debut and the casting director, Edgar J Robinson has signed the biggest starlet in Hollywood’s independent movies business, Julia Roberts to star as Catherine Hepburn. This feature is about a dog with ears. The days of studio flicks are gone, and they are replaced by Cathern Hepburn and her cinematographer in making great performances which are the huge target of movie fans. When we create a lake in Sanford Michigan at Francis Grove, we can make an VFX on it as it requires a real storyteller to write the treatment.  The bar in Sanford always has a made for TV playing in it so the Sanford movie fans have a reason for coming to it besides watching the Detroit Tigers and talk about their dogs which are all on YouTube as their kids are videographers. 

Then after the indie film is in the can, we can then relax as we have now which is with all the cinemas in North America and in Canada. We can also do a foreign release if we can sell it to Europe or Asia.  We wait impatiently for the art-house to come out and CC bel is the target of the reporter critiques because it is his brainstorm and phenomenal work.  He has told his casting director to find the largest list female lead to take the leading role. Jack Richards is a story told about a police officer in New York City, the Bronx actually.  The love affair CC bel had with his cinematographer which he did not select because she was a professional and a posted blogger on moviesbyespresso website that billy LAx enforces, but because he thought she was a hot independent movies actress.  And that she was, she just did not have any talent.  So can you imagine Maxx TEE as he set off on first time director CC bel in his fit of hormones?  The movie bloggers on the site showed no mercy either to CC bel’s choice of talent telling him that we do have casting agents available right on the site and he should have selected a Movies by Espresso leading lady and he would have made his movie fans satisfied.  The entertainment world is totally unforgiving if you put yourself over the success of your own career, and Billy LAx is reminding CC bel of his foolish decision that has probably got him kicked out of the Sundance Film Festival which would have been a great trip because Robert Redford has put together the best showcasing exhibition of film in the world.  The indie movie makers also love Cannes International.