billy LAx has vomited all over the way of doing business that Hollywood heavyweights have when the start the financing and concept generation in the independent movies. He has shunned the Film Festivals and called them all names because they do not know how to select great art-house well. It is truly amazing when they pick the choices like the sunrise doesn’t move and Dracula’s next meal as b movie delights instead of Heaven does not shine and Molly’s nice hair as a top-ranked and highly awarded choices as well as the best of the Sunset Blvd and Melrose Blvd selections.  If a sequel is generated such as the Rambo series created by Sylvester Stallone, the asset owners will make more profit than can be imagined.  It all starts with a great idea for the screenplay then moves to the storyboard where that artist generates the idea that money people, who cannot get the idea from the script, can now see it.  Rotten Tomatoes Indie films website will get you an idea of what will succeed and what will fail.  If you think the indies are done, well there is a lot of people that will take issue with you including studio executives who want to transfer to the more lucrative micro-budget world idea. 

We at Movies by espresso very much appreciate Maxx TEE as an up-and-coming first-time digital marketer as Maxx TEE has given us so much in his personal efforts to recruit members alike to join Espresso Films and Movie blog members.   CC bel has also done a remarkable job at laying in his bed at night dreaming about the next female lead he will direct on the theater stage.

If we create sea creatures who will rise to the surface of swampland to become cinematic buffs for the independent movies part of Hollywood business.   The above the line agent is Maxx TEE, and the project  is, Busting Wide Open which is about a Chinese guy who steals a diamond and never gets caught starring James Hong and Ryan O Neil as batman and robin in classic to catch a dove.  Lots of successful a list actors started as small actors creating huge revenue independent movies such as Swing Blade. Let’s go to the creators of Big Gerry the Hippo a Disney asset which will probably go to Cannes International festival after it makes it through the distributors network to get international sales estimates of the Indies.  Estimates of the box office returns can range in into the millions and there are lots of happy angel movie investors after they take that big risk which usually they loose at.  I knew a Chinese film investor that went out on a limb and took a bunch of our American Box Office back to Tokyo.  We will have a very happy indie industry if we can get back to the financial basics on how all industry is funded by go fund me pages.  These forms of providing money to the industry took place after the fraud in the 90s, much  of which came from the entertainment investment funding went South loosing massive money for may film investors.  When the camera that we use provides a wide angle shot of a scene that the leading man has not performed well, then the Director of Photography can use the independent movies film camera adjusted to meet the requirements of the shot.  In the post production room the video editor can then create a superb mood of the shot and the line producer loves it as well as the rest of the above the line that have put their marquee names on this single point in time.  In the light of day, the gagger does not need to worry as much about the point of view of the shot as he can pan the camera to get what he wants.  Film Camera equipment is an important part of Espresso Films venture in that we have an article Top twenty five film inventions that we update on a continuous basis.  It enlightens even the very best of our bloggers on the most up to date technical innovations that our very best movie makers use to get the product we all love into the can and on the screens.  By the way, has anybody seen the theater hit, Bo Peep another two hour feature put out by MGM animation?  It is not in the slate of Sundance’s independent movies but it should be a good movie, especially for the kids.