I told them that I was a filmmaker, and I was a cinematographer, and I was a casting director, and I was a camera operator and I wanted to blog on movies today and tomorrow and the next day. That is all I want to do is write editorials on production companies and on distribution companies?  But the independent films industry is unforgiving.  It yields to no one as far as the cut throat businessmen that frequent the corporations.  They are smart but not as brilliant as they think, often loosing their film investor’s money for them.  I knew one guy who lost a 10 million dollar budget, spending it mostly on girls, instead of a cast and a male lead.  In the previous life of Southern California entertainment media, we used to report in print in venues like the Hollywood Reporter, but today, it is done on websites like Indiewire.

Or how about spending buckets loads of time researching and reporting on film schools, film festivals and film markets like the AFM.  What I have a passion for and will pursue to the end of the earth is writing about movie fans and their unending love for the celebrities that make up American entertainment and keep all these huge corporations in indie movie business.   At Espresso Films, we have mastered the studio motion pictures and the micro-budget shorts which make up the industry of art-house and the experimental films.   if you are in Germany, we suggest the national films which were created back in the 30s which are black and white character driven cinema.  Our anti-climax storytellers from where  ever they come from frequent the website in efforts to sell their dreams and put pen to paper to work for a director somewhere in the dark pits of Hollywood.

If you are in the navy and you are part of the video and film corps, you are responsible for the entertainment and video instruction and appreciation of thousands of sailors aboard the ship and submarine. Part of this job is to procure DVDs for use on the ships. These features are not profited on by the but are looked like a donation and a big thank you for assuring the safety and security of the country.  Within the lonely independent films directors that frequent the bars in Santa Monica looking for that angel investor to loose his money for him, is Maxx TEE.  His cinematic creations are in the underground of life and we would push for their success, except that no one would watch them.  He could not get a celebrate with marquee value to star because of the lack of executive producers who will sign on to the project.  The traditional hero he has playing as the leading lady has a poor performance and the whole production set looks like teenagers put it together.  You have to have a good below the line and he has none.  If you go to Espresso Films report office in West Los Angeles you will find CC bel hard at work, finding our movie bloggers off his massive LinkedIn network.  He gets lots of writers as well as actresses because those are the two types of connections he likes best.  But then there is Maxx TEE who goes after movie directors like himself and he gets thousands of them.  billy LAx then screens them all and make sure their movie blogs are in commercial level.  The Movies by Espresso crowd certainly makes sure the independent films they represent are real and commercial.