House of Screams is definitely going to the theaters this year will excellent raves from the film critics.  This little indie movie, produced on a micro budget will make some film Invester a lot of coin.  But Ted Cassady will be jealous if he was alive because his character, Lurch on the Addams Family is about to be upset by William Smith, who played next to sly, will be starring in the film.  Kevin Costner will also be entertaining a part of the film as he has lost big time on Waterworld.  The bodyguard in which Kevin Costner starred with Whitney Houston as the lead female will also be a rival for one of Kevin Costner’s best movies.  But the Addams Family 2 will upstage them all including the Christmas movie Home Alone 2 which I just saw a couple days ago on TV.   By our account, the most-watched indie movie box office in history is the Great Gatsby with Robert Redford. He also made Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid with Paul Newman. What two absolute great shows from the greatest leading man of all time. Robert Redford was not very tall. The story goes, he had to wear platform shoes when he was with his leading lady because she was taller than him. Well, I guess that is believable because nearly everyone is taller than Robert Redford. He played in a lot of romantic comedies with major stars and the movie fans will love him when he is gone. To be frank, when someone tries to talk to a Robert Redford, they get a look like, who do you thank you are?  But that is okay for most of us that are working in the industry.  If he puts his signature on the dotted line, and signs an agreement with his agent in the loop to do a certain independent movie, then we are happy if he acts like a monkey  on a tight rope.  Hang on to the ratings as everything he has ever done has got tony awards for greatest actor.  That has to be a real ego boost, to know you are consistently the best of the best.  But then when you miss getting that plaque for being the best entertainer in the buzz, you must really go to a low spot, drinking whiskey every night on  Hollywood Blvd.  Love stories that Robert Redford have done always are a indie movie fan favorite.  They get on their 3D glasses and stair blindly at the silver screen.  Check out the girls sitting up front in the theater.  They are always the most fascinating of all the cinema crowds.  One international recording artist who made it massively  big in television as a second to Chris Miller on NCIS the original show or wait, that is Los Angeles, is Ice Cube.  He turned out to be a really good second lead male on the show and oh by the way, I really love Hannah.  I can hardly wait to see that show made into a two hour feature with that cool office they  have after the Greek. When we here at Espresso Films create our SEO pages, like we are doing now, we are careful not to use to  many movie related keywords else we will get slammed by billy LAx.   Low on the fence, is CC bel who is our first time movie director and want to be digital marketer.  He is actually a recruiter for our entertainment members who are super professionals mainly in post production.  We will soon hire a movie programming company to help us develop our site moviesbyespresso to a new level so that our blogging members, who are entertainment professionals, will get more traffic to their indie movie blogs

On the face of it, two hour feature films are the way to make a living in this industry, but you can do well making shorts and videos for YouTube and social media too.  Buy joining us here at Movies by Espresso, you can get into writing entertainment articles as well as blogging and social media videos.  It can be a real profession and can go on in tandem with your Hollywood acting efforts like sending out headshots and such which can get to be a rather large cost.  Pauli Murray’s new documentary is a hit at the film festivals this year ranking in the top five and getting a massive amounts of awards including a Grammy.  On the surface of the judging was the cinematography which was done in a free fall out of an airplane and Pauli’s amazing face being blown up by the wind caught all the festival judges with surprise.  What an amazing end to a spectacular year in the industry of independent films.