Half Dead Fred is one of many independent films to get into the venues this year by the distribution arm of Warner Bros.  This remarkable horror film shot in Beaverton Michigan is the essence of movie magic.  The movie director is from Hollywood and he visits the coffee shops where the filmmakers put together their movie deals.  In Pasadena, where billy LAx runs his moviesbyespresso film site, we get a taste of really good first time movie directors like CC bel.  Ted Cassady the famous actor that played Lurch will not be there because the horror movie star is dead. Filmmaker promotion is an extremely important requirement for a successful screenwriter, director, producer, cinematographer or sometimes called the director of photograph, actor or actress, movie star. A filmmaker’s Promotion can be done through print media or the internet. For example, Espresso Films is a website that promotes movie professionals divided into their professions all which do independent films.  Our company networks its bloggers or members to find jobs. A sign up to the site should always try to promote his career through the internet.  If you are trying to put a project together and do not have any connections to the entertainment industry, things can be tough.  You can spend a lot of your own money spinning your tires getting head shots and what not, having no where to send them.  When we found this out, billy LAx the company’s managing director had to do something to help these potentially great artists achieve success.  Hence, he developed this wonderful site and employs two First time movie directors, converted to Digital marketers, Maxx TEE and CC bel.  Both these guys have massive LinkedIn networks with nothing more than film professionals connecting to them.  They also have large Facebook followers and will soon develop Facebook movie groups to chase traffic to moviesbyespresso.  There is also an intent to monetize the Facebook pages that they have creating more revenue and more competence in the social media industry for Movies by Espresso.  When The anthology film is in full blown production, only those who have the inside knowledge of the definition of this movie term will understand the consequences of such an act.  In the cosmic rays of Hollywood’s elite, do we pay attention to such terminology and layout of our production sets to create Green Moon Films, a company that creates action thriller independent films in a vacuum of disappointment of the Hollywood Heavy hitters.  When Pasadena Studios which produce pod casts determines that it wants to expand into micro budget video shoots, then we will move the company’s assets to a new place in Altadena where they will be in a better position to get more out of the film investment money that billy LAx has in reserve to fund the movie website.  So CC bel needs to get his digital marketing wrapped up so we can get the fan base surfing to the website. We love our modern day leading men.  Guys like Jim Carey are getting old and replaced by new stars like Ted  Danson.  Can we get enough of our girlfriends grabbing onto our arms tightly in a theater watching the action adventure that Mel Gibson continually puts out?  Maybe it would be better if we went to Red Box and got a DVD to play and we can stay in bed and pet our dogs while the movie is playing.  We can only dream of how nice it would be to be the hero in the movie like Mel Gibson is.  So in the end of things, the only way to feel how that Hollywood star feels is to pack up and go make a living in the independent films that he makes. It would be the end to our engineering career to be an actor but the beginning of a great dream.  Lets do it  and here we come West Hollywood studios.