In the next thousand years, we will see lots of Jewish movies about the end of the world.  But there will be all kinds of independent movies made with end of times storylines.  And when Ted Cassady comes back to life and tells us what Lurch did after he died, the Addams family star will be respected more than ever.  But Mark Harmon will probably die on a future episode of NCIS which is ABCs great TV show.  Tony and Tim, his agents that work for him on the show, but are actually actors from Foxboro Massachusetts.  The technology that it takes to make a movie these days is advancing fast.  The digitization of film cameras is making a huge splash in Hollywood.   And the Towering Inferno, the first arthouse movie made in 1914 will be reconstructed to look great and tell even a better story than the first movie did.  Independent movies will always be my love.  They have been a great career for me as a filmmaker and a screenplay writer.  Heavon Can’t Wait, my first movie script I had ever crafted was finally made into a two-hour motion picture this year and made me a fortune, finally.  I had many of friends who I graduated with from the film school at which I attended at USC and they have got movie investors to finance their films, basically because most had their mothers as actresses or their fathers as actors.  I had neither, only an aunt who was a film director, but she had never talked to me.  But the Transformer super heroes came to me and saved me from failure of Hollywood.  Reese Witherspoon and Steven Seagal starred in the movie i once directed for DreamWorks and we made millions of dollars of revenue from the theater distribution.  International film sales made us a lot of money too. This is why they are particular in the screenplays we generate with passion and love; we have emphasized the requirement for script doctors and other filmmakers they make the excellent dialog with, need to pursue the creation of other motion picture flicks in the VFX CGI post production of independent movies. If you as a Actor get involved with a not-proven cinematic director, there is a high probability that he will not make you look well on the big screen. Therefore, talent agents have control. They do not let themselves get involved with the wrong or art-house producers and they cut a much better business deal than an male lead would cut. But most talent agents are also particular about the acting talent they represent in the indie films.  Do not pick up sticks or stones at the Pasadena mall in front of the AMC theaters or the locals will go crazy.  Those sticks are for the drama students at the nearest high school.  Their parents will not let them out to see the silver screen in Tinsel Town.

Bad resources is a bad entertainment business and most of them know this. Literary agents selling their product to the movie studios to make a fair living for the screenplay writers, and they are particular also in the below the line professionals they represent. Bad characters are bad business also.  So large entertainment companies like Disney and Universal Studios will tend to look at their employees down their noses, this is why the above the line talent is the only people that get paid.  And the  only benefactors there, are ICM.  Grammy award winners expect grand treatment at the Pasadena Red carpet Hollywood Heavyweight event.  So the actors that attend the cinematic events should know what to expect if they are to make that unforgettable appearance to wow their fan base.   If the whole independent movies entertainment media were like the rest of the world of corporations, there would be much more fairness in employing below the line workers.  The necessity of sex based employment strategies at Fox News is not tolerable unless you are a Trump supporter.  At Movies by Espresso, we assure that all of our movie bloggers get a fair shot at employment without revenge of mad bosses.

So, if you are in West Hollywood and you are doing the movie business then beware, you are at risk of getting a bad production deal.  It is necessary to adsorb all loser talent in the mega budget Studio industry for the health of the entertainment world.  Luke Skywalker finally got to our local theaters and we went to the movies yesterday to watch this awesome actor.