One huge a list actor, Steven Seagal who moved to Russia has made tons of studio flicks here in the US but he was a scum bag in Hollywood who was extremely abusive and was chased out so he moved to Russia where he now makes independent films.  But Reese Witherspoon would never make that kind of a cinema that Steven Seagal made because she is not a fight type movie actress but on the romantic comedy side.  When we shoot with 35 mm film, we had better more refined movies than with sixteen mm film from the eighties, but now we have high tech video film cameras which make our stories come to life.  The screenplays billy LAx writes now are much more live and can get much better actors than before.  The theaters will show the big screen cinema to levels we have only dreamed of.  But Ted Cassady playing next to that hot actress and also costarring with eddy the monster and Herman on the Addams family was a lock for a major motion picture the Addams Family.  It came out the same year that Wayne’s world came out in the nineties.  I see Wayne’s world with a director friend of mine and my actress girlfriend.  We should try to see as many Motion Pictures as we can a year so we can put our opinion into the best independent films of the year.  No such thing as seeing to many Hollywood Movie Stars and know which Director and Producer is making which piece of movie art from which company.  So rather the movie genre be comedies, action movies, thrillers, or arthouse films, we will be satisfied with the price of the box office ticket when we visit the theaters.   There is nothing like a hot flick on a Hot August Night.  Who looks at the price of the ticket when you have the silver screen in front of you, and your girlfriend hanging onto your arm when you are watching a great Thriller?   Not this cinema fan anyway.  Or maybe when you take your Tom Cruise girlfriend to see an Action-Packed picture starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Probably not the best actor to let her watch if you are a jealous camper watching an indie movie on Saturday night.   Or maybe you would rent a Redbox DVD and watch the TV shows right in your home.  When your love interests trump your entertainment interests it is time to see a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Leaving Seattle type of a flick on Saturday night before dad and mom and sister goes to sleep, else you will be sleeping in your pickup truck listening to sad radio shows.  Doomsday scenario art-house cinema is the next thing you will be watching on Friday night alone at home in front of the HBO cable show.  In the realm of entertainment, TV shows rate in one of the most popular for families and for the general public in whole.  These audiences fill the football stadiums waiting for Garth Brooks to perform his show on stage with one of the best music performances there is. These stages compete with Universal’s stages too, with great visuals.  When the New York Film Festival  independent films drive what we know are what the attributes that the industry aspires to, so, get with the companies that create cinema theaters and let them create your next short for the foreign film distributors to bid on and to market to the countries like France and Germany in which the movies have voiceovers normally.  Bollywood in Indian cannot compete with our movie makers here in Santa Monica, especially when they have the superior equipment that they have.  When the production sets get a super VFX CGI expert like Espresso Films Blogger Cheng from China, we will be in the driver’s seat to quality each and every time.