Star Trek is a huge success and will be number one at the box office for years to come.  We love captain James Kirk who was played by William Shatner and his looney goons of space travelers on the NBC hit show back in the sixties.  This set up the industry of independent films which could decide outside of the studio environment what movies to show and what not to show.  These movies are shot in areas around Los Angeles including many which simulate the mid-west film locations in Pasadena California.  Ben Affleck stars in many  of these movies and he has a costar of Reese Witherspoon along side of him on the location sets.  But don’t ask Alec Baldwin any more as he might be in jail after he shot his actress wife on the production stage in Los Vegas with a real gun instead of a prop gun.  The stunt double was not involved and the movie director’s eyes got real big when that happened.  The 80s and 90s were filled with great action movies from the production sets of the corporate independent films industry.  It was all kids dream in America to be in one of those flicks but few ever got chosen.  We used to play being the Terminator as kids and every kid on the block wanted to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He then got pregnant in one of his comedy movies and that was the end of playing him.  And who didn’t like Leonardo DiCaprio in the Major Motion Picture Titanic.  Wow!  What a Love Story was that?  And then there was John Travolta in  Pulp Fiction.  That was the largest budget Art-house film indie ever shot.  First experimental film I had ever saw.  Two ends to that movie blew me away.  How about the Cable Guy with Jim Carey?  Wasn’t that a funny comedy movie in a big Budget format.  And then there was Tom Hanks in Forest P Gump.  That was a winner Picture to beat all.   Then there was Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Back independent films of the 90s.  That was certainly a block buster.  I thought the dynamic of the male leads were very well played out by the to Movie Stars.  How about One Few Over the Cuckoo’s nest with Jack Nicholson.  Wasn’t that an entertaining comedy.  So, to sum it up, companies like Disney and MGM and Warner Bros and Universal and DreamWorks are always competing on the mega-Film Budgets to get the world’s movie goers to rate them as the best movie at the box office and make the most amount of money.  Each employees A list stars whose marquee value can carry the film. We can not get enough of television either.  There was the show Little House on the Prairie with Michael Landon that I simply loved as was inspired by and would cling onto like a child’s security blanket.  I can remember episode after episode of crying as a child and wanting to meet all the girls on that show.  They were the hottest actresses on the planet and I wanted them from my girlfriends in the worst way.  Can  you imagine being on the set watching your girlfriend act on that show.  I loved the horses too. That was in the old days of television when they had real horses on stages that were usually in Arizona.  But the independent films were also in the same category as the TV shows with all the John Wayne and Roy Rogers movies that the fans love.  When the Revealing independent films Espresso report finally hits the internet, billy LAx will have a tell all about the anti-hero character in Maxx TEE’s new storytelling effort as they unleash the greatest movie of all time.  We will assure that the celebrity fans are overjoyed and the box office receipts are huge.  In Pasadena, where moviesbyespresso is from, the office will be working day in and day out trying to get the newest entertainment report out so the team including CC bel and his girlfriend will generate the most knowledgeable editorials in the industry, beating the Hollwood Reporter out for the second year in a row.