//Art House Films: a cult following
Art House Films: a cult following

Art House Films: a cult following

The low budget Art House films are indeed followed by relatively small groups of niche film fans. Our editorials under this section of our website discuss the types of films that makeup Art House film, the production, distribution and marketing of these films, and the movie lovers who follow these films. Per definition of an editorial, these are just our perspectives. If you have a comment, please let us know, in the comment space below the acritical. 

Maxx TEE As a newbie film maker in the process of developing my first film, I have chosen to go with a metaphysical theme about the spiritual world. Yes, my film will be feast or famine as with most art-house movies, especially made by first timers like myself. And yes, I have confidence mine will rise above all the rest, as do the other 5000 first time film makers attempting to do the same thing.So I am on my way with total faith, based on little fact, to create my first masterpiece that will surely win the top awards an critical acclaims on Hollywood critics.

My family, who is putting up the money, as well as my “non art house movie fan” friends who would not get an art house movie if you gave them the box office receipts of Reservoir Dogs, keep questioning my decision. But those like billy Lax who do understand what the rewards of a “Art House” movie that is good, and gets the buzz, keep me on the straight and narrow (no pun intended) with my non-linear decision. Fortunate for me, being a Junior writer for Espresso Films and a young guy, I have lots of help from lots of people who are great film professionals and with a fake chip on their shoulders, help me with my screenplay and directing ideas and casting.

” As I said, the film will not be linear. It goes into the spiritual world of the before and then comes back to the present then goes back to the future. It expresses the lack of timeline in the spiritual world as is present in our real world. It confuses the star of the movie, leaving him to figure out the true meaning of time, consequences of our worldly behavior, and how the spiritual world is influenced by the real world. “  

It portrays demons and angels and the deceased intertwining with the living which are the same people and souls. It develops hell and Satan without telling the audience that it is hell and Satan, into a very evil place and the true enemy of lost souls, both in the living world and in the hereafter.  

So, I have terror, I have a non-linear story, I have a metaphysical spiritual theme and I have a deep-thinking screenplay with lots of secondary meanings? And I have an ending that… okay not going to tell you that. But no matter what ending I choose; I think I have the makings of what critics would call an “Art House Film.” One of the things I look most forward to, is the film festivals and film markets and showcasing my movie art in domestic “Art House” theaters. I really look forward to talking to those movie buffs that enjoy “Art House” movies. You can keep a watch out for my independent Film by reading Espresso Films posts www.moviesbyespresso.com and joining our movies social networks.