Did you hear?  Alec Baldwin just shot a actress with a real gun he thought was a prop gun.  What a horrible accident, one of the worst that has been on a Hollywood movie set in years, since Bruce Lee was killed with a gun on his set.  But in the scope of Hollywood entertainment business, the indie film producers should be way more careful than to give Alec Baldwin a loaded gun that is used as a prop gun.  However, what if it was done on purpose to make Alec Baldwin look bad.  The mega a list actor should have checked the gun first and since he didn’t, yes he is responsible.  Donald Trump is now foaming at the mouth with paybacks claiming the actor probably did it on purpose and he is probably right.  Reese Witherspoon will not now or ever act next to Alec Baldwin because she might get shot.  What amazes me, is these big actors like Alec Baldwin fly around the world in the private planes, polluting the air, then they star in movies that idolize guns, all while claiming they do not like them or rich people.  And the Bernie Sanders movie fanatics love them.  Hard to understand them and these are the same fans that hate Mark Harmon of NCIS because he is quitting his show after nineteen years.  indie movies like these did not come into our lives that often and the whole town was like one big happy family of fans. Now, we will all keep track of the American Film Market’s indie film latest Key Parameter Index or top fifty films that are marketed worldwide. If an American company and a Canadian distribution corporation combines, you get a much bigger integrated company that has the advantages of being both countries when it comes to financing the film and production.  But if you take an international theater company  and combine it with another entertainment company from the United States, you get a wonderful exhibition of art created by a mixed set of experts with ideas that can illuminate even the best stages in the world. When I was in Bakersfield California, during the nineties, we had a small indie film that played TV shows. It was a great little location  that I saw many television actors that made up the casts.  When we were done watching the shows, we would often go to the local Bakersfield red neck bars and laugh all night long about the cowboy and Indian flicks we would see. Yes, we saw a lot of Western movies in Bakersfield as the whole place was filled with oil workers who watched Clint Eastwood and John Wayne and Elvis Presley on a nightly basis.  They had no idea what the definition of a art-house was, but they watched them every day. In Orange County California, we would do nose dives into Tustin to get to the DVD store to rent our favorite comedy.  When we went out of the Block Buster store, we would see all the quaint Tustin Restaurants and the rich indie film investors who would sit outside and talk about the latest artsy dream they  saw the night before when laying under the covers with the speaker phones in their ears.  But when we finally get the bug to watch the latest Reservoir Dogs episode, we will think back at all the exciting low budget movies we saw.  So when Ben Affleck was making the million dollar romance movie plots with his screenplay writer, MGM was doing film distribution deals all the way through Europe and the Middle East.  As a huge incentive, the motion picture industry needs to create way more agressive marketing plans to achieve the benefits of a super star like Ben Affleck.  In roles that he is second fiddle, they need not put that much of a production budget in as costs will be low because even though the marquee worth is high, the time spent is only a couple minutes in a cameo appearance in Two dogs and a cat, billy LAx’s movie that he is pushing each day in forcing almost at gun point, his digital marketer CC bel to write about it, taking away his time from the other indie film reports he needs to pay attention to.  It will be of a sad situation if the needed film editorials are not delivered to all the movie surfers who dependent on moviesbyespresso to get their celebrity information and know what Matt Damon is doing these days aside from chasing Jay lo down elevators as part of the stunt doubles that are required in every scene he does because he is nothing more than a scared little chicken kid.