/Build up Business companionship with Zalak

Build up Business companionship with Zalak

This is Zalak Patel! She enjoys turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive interface designs. When She is not pushing pixels, you will find her in the coffee shop and be spreading positive inspires to the entire world.


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” She took her time saying yes because she has such an enormously great business, but after lots of movie sweet talk, I got a yes.”


Espresso Films – First tier (Zalak Patel)

I ran into Zalak in 2015 as an inspirational person who was from Los Angeles. She was an extremely gifted graphic artist and just getting into Word Press to service her rather influential existing client list. As time proceeded, she became an excellent UI/UX Word Press Designer. As a Film and Movie specialized Digital Marketer, when my workflow was too much for me to handle, I would hire Zalak as a contractor to help me out with my Film and Movie customers. She always did a great job and was interested in the Hollywood Indie business. I had one client, that would only deal with Zalak. That was an easy deal. He would pay me once a week and I would pay Zalak for a year. No issues whatsoever. He finally hired an inhouse UI/UX person but to this day, he still must come to me for Graphics which Zalak was providing him all along. He claims he needed to gain more control of his business with his inhouse UI/UX no computer graphics employee, but I think he is talking out of pride, knowing full well he should have stayed with the now, Espresso Film’s creative head, Zalak.

When I created the website and the Espresso Film’s concept, Zalak was the first person I asked to join me. I would say she was the first person I hired, but because of her expertise and who she is, and her thirst for the Indie Film business, I will say join me because I asked Zalak to be my partner right off. She oversees the websites at this time, and she is Search Engine Optimizing the present movie and film site which should have an estimated 2 million in traffic by the end of 2021. When Zalak is not as proficient at a particular thing, she does what all movie professionals due and digs in and learns her business. You can see this with here Search Engine Optimization efforts in which she had not done much before and nothing with movie and film Indie websites. She found a Word Press plugin called Yoast which cost a mere $75 and saved Espresso Films thousands of dollars in Search Engine Optimization costs. She is now proficient enough to write the SEO contextual narratives related to our movie and film indie theme and put them in place to develop the important SEO logical internal link pyramid required to rank the site in Google and drive the important traffic to our site.



Zalak also is responsible for the work effort it took for the site to acquire Google Adsense. Her movie and film writing is so well developed that she was able to provide a good share of the movie and film content to meet Google’s expertise. Movie and film content were not the only thing that she was able to provide, but the website movie graphics was also her inception. Espresso Films also chose a challenging template and she had to put many hours into activities such as: developing the site layout; getting the Latin off the site; developing a child theme; putting a site map on; optimizing the graphics as the biggest things. The site is on its way to the movie traffic it so richly deserves in 2021 as each day, Zalak updates the content with her special movie and film expertise. Zalak monitors and reports the site success each day with two Key Parameter Index’s: Traffic and the trend of traffic; and the revenue of Google Adsense.

She emphasizes that for the success, monitored first in site revenue, to be successful, it must attract its traffic from the US, so all optimization is done with an effort to attract US surfers. Zalak has put a page of site progress and worth in the webmaster section. The site security is also a Zalak speciality in which many of a hacker has failed to penetrate her security forces. It will be a hard-fought task to destroy the website as Zalak enhances our protection monthly. Zalak’s main line of defence comes from her incredible close personal relationships within the UI/UX world such that she can call upon experts she trusts to come onto our movie and film website to update it and fix any hacks that will occur keeping our movie and film site to nearly 100% available to our important movie and film professional customers.


Zalak also intends to analyze Espresso Films for adding new websites to increase the profitability. Zalak’s strategy must coincide with projected movie and film traffic estimates from outside contractors, costs of maintaining and operating the movie indie sites, projected revenues of the additional film indie sites, value of the additional sites to increase the funnel of dedicated movie and film indie internet traffic. She must also include the Hollywood content provider’s effects on the Indie Movie and Film sites.