Steven Baldwin just killed his costar, for real, in the film he was shooting.  What a terrible accident, but it is really hard to believe that they would have a real live round in the gun.  How could a real bullet be put into a prop gun?  How come the gun was not filled with something before it was used in an independent movie.  Sounds a little suspicious to me.  But I do believe that even if some stuntman did it, Steven Baldwin should have taken responsibility to check the gun before he used it so he does bare some of the responsibility of what happened on the production set.  This also happened to Bruce Lee in his movie that killed him many years ago.  But changing Hollywood reports, Reese Witherspoon is teaming up with an unknown male lead in the next box office smash that will be marketed to moviegoers not only here in the US but world-wide.  It is directed by billy LAx and Movies by Espresso will be doing the movie reporting on it, putting it in their entertainment section on their website.  Espresso Films bloggers will be talking about this flick for the ages and CC bel’s girlfriend, Actress Cherry Blossom will be also taking a bit part in it to increase the marquee value of the international film sales.  The independent movie business is going strong, even after COVID. It was temporarily down in 2020 but now it is making companies like they are going out of style. What is making the industry produce so many pictures? It is business baby! Nobody is staying home; everyone is going to the theaters rather they are at risk or not. The Espresso films blog is going strong. It will not hurt the our editorial page much either. Movie blogging is on the uptick. What will companies come up with in 2021? Nothing but a bunch of rich, authentic cinematic themes. We love our action-thriller movies so keep it up filmmakers. Fun box office booms like Kevin Costner’s Water World will sink as compared to the small micro-budget dreams such as Swing Blade. But go Kevin Costner and keep creating the mega-budget blockbusters because our competition is not you. We are worried about the first-time UCLA drama school student beating us out at Cannes Film Festival with his micro-budget short. Show themes of love and romance can be a great attraction, especially for female lead. These fans get their boyfriends to take them, and they suffer through the grueling love scenes making their romances happy. Do not get too involved with the action-thriller films like Arnold Schwarzenegger makes.  They are independent movie horror flicks, and we are not too happy with them because we are the little guys. But in any case, Matt Daman will not compete with us, and neither will Steven Spielberg because they are with DreamWorks. But if you go to Germany and you see what they call national films, they are in great competition with our festival show casings. We call our b flicks.   Don’t strike out with Mark Harmon from NCIS as he will be the next a lister for Disney.  He is a can’t miss for success in that show. But not Kiefer Sutherland as his name is all messed up with terror from 24 hours cable show from the networks.  Pixel animation should get in touch with our VFX CGI artist for Espresso Films, Chang Yang, as here blog is incredible on the animation and video editing she does in China.  She needs billy LAx because she needs work in Hollywood.  Lots of other movie bloggers with Movies by Espresso need work also  We have a great storyteller from South Africa that is working on her second blog and we are happy she may provide services as a location scout to some of our independent movie companies we have coming to us on a daily bases trying to find entertainment experts for their post production needs in West Hollywood theater reviews.  Maxx TEE will write great stuff on them if they pay him as his film editorials are read around the world by the international distribution companies.  That includes the film festivals in France as well as Germany that want to read his movie tributes to South Africa.