Wow!  Anyone hear that Alec Baldwin shot his director of photography on his new film production set.  The Hollywood Reporters are going to have a field day over this one.  This is the only career that you can have where shooting someone will get you acting jobs.  Half Dead Fred is a movie being shot in 2021 in Flint Michigan.  It is a horror film and it will be a box office smash.  The house it is shot in is gothic home and is run down and really scary.  The actors and actresses for Half Dead Fred are running all over Flint promoting the movie to the Michigan Fans.  Independent movies are frequently shot in the Lansing area of Michigan and they will always welcome a little piece of Hollywood running around the state shooting their flicks that will go nation wide to the AMC theaters and possibly  to the art-house distributors.  As a result, Reese Witherspoon will star next to Ben Affleck on the next studio block buster.  It will be directed by our own billy LAx and it will also give Cherry, CC bel’s actress girlfriend a significant role. This is the same as with a Film Director. The excitement of creating your own motion picture is enormous. Most of these young filmmakers come to Hollywood from all over the world, take jobs in restaurants, and maintenance workers all over Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, to make money to live, while they are in pursuit of their Hollywood Fame.  Independent movies are the love of the South California coast.  The young kids that come from the mid-west to make their Movie Star dreams come true are circulating through the vast scene with headshots trying desperately to get a director to notice them.   Do not mistake these young a list Actors, or Directors of photography, or executive producers for the large studio giants like Walt Disney and Warner Bros and Universal Studios in their move to denounce their competition of every level of the West Hollywood circuit of  cinema fanatics.  Love for the cinema will flourish in this toxic environment. They all make money off entertainment and they are all into surviving on this COVID virus thing but not all are into the same theater releases that dominate the industry in forever land of Tinsel Town.  But when they finally get their ducks in one pond, then the writing agents will come home and the script writers will come to the table again listening to the story tellers. They certainly are serious about making it big in Hollywood.

Most will not fulfill their dream of being a major Film Director, or having their screenplay made into a flick, or becoming a leading man, and they will quit and go back home, telling their Hollywood Actor’s stories. Hollywood also has created lots of Real Estate agents and other professionals out of skilled screenwriters. They spread the excitement of Hollywood entertainment all throughout Southern California. If you ask them their stories, they will tell you that the buzz, which is a common name to call their Hollywood business efforts to create a movie, is tough and unforgiving but the excitement of Hollywood parties will provide memories forever. If you have a kid, the Hollywood business is probably not the best career to go into. For the most.  But whatever the cause of the little guy not making it in the huge entertainment companies, like Pixel or Warner Bros, we are to the benefit of it, because they bring their unrecognized talents to the uncontrolled feature business.   The micro-budget filmmaker independent movies is where the highest creativity in entertainment media.  The companies that create these magnificent pieces of art are one with the definition of true art, even more than fine art.  The nice thing about this form of creativity, is you can market it to the international film sales world.  Upon going to the American Film Market we can see the complexity of doing film deals.  What features get in the “buzz” department aides in their bottom line to the owners of the asset.