Star trek is the best of the series of studio movies that have hit the silver screen.  It all started with William Shatner who just went into space trying to revive his film career.  But in any case, when dealing with an independent movie like star trek, the trekies will tell you that it does not matter if it is a TV show or a two hour feature, the leading male needs to be William Shatner.  The rest can be shot into space or the next frontier which was the name of a star trek movie.  But Reese Witherspoon will make a great star trek super star with her famous name and her celebrity status.  Next to Ben Affleck in any movie, she will be the very best costar he could get.  But when Alec Baldwin tries to hire another cinemograph, he might have a tough time since he shot the last one.  Not a nice thing to do as her director husband is now after the alist star from the studio distribution companies.  We will love to see Alec Baldwin get Trumped in the streets of Hollywood, because Donald Trump which Alec Baldwin roasted for the full four years he was in office is now roasting him.  What a great flick that was. The actors are also free to do as they choose. The Independent movie Companies cannot buy up the rights to these performers. When you watch a film created by a director, not under the control of the Studios, you can find way more interesting film art. Therefore, the corporate  filmmakers by and far prefer directing, producing, and writing independent theater plays as to executive-controlled studio films. When you participate with your own uncontrolled imagination, the product seems to be more self-satisfying to most the participants. When we do a theatrical release of private investor-controlled asset, it is much different and is less complicated and a place businesspeople can thrive, with many sections of it not requiring much art knowledge. Sales can be segmented into many different  marketing venues. There is the theatrical release, the movie foreign sales, there is domestic television sales, domestic internet streaming, domestic box office. Guerrilla indie movie filmmaking is another word for a low-budget art-house.  Lots of new, just out of drama school kids do these experimental ideas.  They are still wet behind the ears and do not know a profitable idea if they would see one.  So we raise them the right way, by deep understanding of the cinematic arts and love for the process of shooting the 35 mm camera.  Not to be a hawk like most of the old guys are that have been perverted by raising money for their projects. We do not see value in that sort of terrible characters for new movie professionals just starting out in their bid to become the best at what they do.  This COVID virus took a lot of jobs from the working force in the United States but in particularly took jobs from the below the line independent movie professionals.  Experts agree, the studios did not suffer near as much as the micro budgets did.  First, the studios were covered by billions of dollars in surplus and second, the legal system worked to protect below the line workers in the large corporate entertainment world.  When the beast hit, the little guys took a beating and those folks are almost exclusively in the non studio environments.  Blu-Ray was a huge invention of the turn of the century, but now do to streaming video, blu-ray is old news.  Digital content has taken the world by storm leaving us wondering what next will be the new invention to take us further into the black hole of entertainment.